By Theodore Opara

HAVE you ever wondered why the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the toast of the elites and prominent people all over the world. Is there any serving  governor, minister in Nigeria, who doesn’t have a G-class in his garage? This is for you to find out.

The Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, which later became G-Class has a rich history with the military, which you probably do not know. The conception was purely military but it has turned out to become an “elite toy” and one of the costliest, luxurious and dependable Sport Utility vehicles SUVs in the market. Surprisingly, the G-Class has retained its box shape from inception, but beneath the bonnet of this machine G 63 is a powerful 577 – twin – turbocharged V8 engine, which only few vehicles can match in terms of speed and stability.

G-Class’ military relationship started from birth. In the 1970s, Mercedes Benz came up with a new off – roader for the military and rough terrain. Little did it know that the car would become an icon in no time. It was then known as G-Wagon.

But in 1979, it came up with the civilian version and over 50,000 units were sold to customers across the globe in few years due to G-Class off – road prowess. At this time the German luxury automaker was offering robust engines and suspension systems, it was said that the G-Class customer could enjoy all the advantages of a high-end luxury SUV, without spending much on repair, given the fact that the G-class was rugged and capable, while the military was enjoying a fast and versatile vehicle in the G-class.

But the biggest turn around for the G-class came in 2005. This was  when Mercedes-Benz was contemplating dropping the production  of the G-Class for GL-Class, a more modern looking SUV. But the decision was waived when the United States of America Marine Corps demanded for a high number of the all-road conquering machine and Mercedes decided to produce both the GL-Class and the G-class together and the G-class lives on stronger and better.

One could be right to say that the order saved the G-class from extinction. It is on record that the G-class and Jeep wrangler are the only two vehicles that have retained their original shapes for more than 50 years.

The G-class has all the features of high-end luxury in a classic design hence it is regarded as the iconic design of the automotive world.

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