By Peter Duru, Makurdi

The Middle Belt Movement for Justice and Peace, MBMJP, has urged Nigerians to turn their backs on any political party that does not value the education of the youths saying such a party should have no business in government.

The group stressed that a government that does not give priority attention to the education of the upcoming generation “is on a mission to stagnate the future of the future leaders of the country hence does not deserve to enjoy any iota of support from the people.”

The MBMJP in a statement on Wednesday in Makurdi by its Convener, Joe Bukka, was reacting to reports that Tuesday’s meeting between the striking members of Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, and the Federal Government was deadlocked.

The group pointed out that Nigerian youths had waited anxiously for the outcome of the meeting with optimism that the government would yield to their plea by shifting grounds to enable ASUU call off the strike “but all that hope was dashed by the All Progressives Congress, APC, led government that has continued to fail Nigerians since they came to power in 2015, after making Nigerians believe that they had something to offer, but we all now know better.

“It is utterly unimaginable that we have this set of leaders at the helm of affairs in this country at this time of human evolution when ICT has taken over the world and they fail to realise that keeping our children out of school for a day has its multiplier effects even on the socio-ecomonic development of our country.

“The children you kept at home out of ignorance are the doctors, engineers, technologists, nurses, the Journalists, Agrologist name them, that are expected to step in with the modern knowledge they have acquired to rescue our country that has been grounded by these same set of leaders who obviously lack the acumen to address our challenges.

“It is their failure that has brought us to the level of becoming the poverty capital of the world despite our endowment as a nation. Today they are making concerted effort to kill the Nigerian public universities though they claim they are educated but know nothing about the value of education. That is our predicament in Nigeria.

“That is why we must urge all Nigerians to shun any political party that does not value the education of its youths; such a party has no business in government, the leader are only on a mission to drag us back to stone age.

“A party that does not count it a priority to quickly end the ASUU strike even when it is becoming obvious that there is so much anger in the land over the manner the issue is being treated by government officials who with public funds are sending their children overseas to study, surely can no more be trusted with the mandate of the people.”

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