By Oluwaseyi Awobiyi

The world’s richest man Elon Musk has made a joke out of the current situation of English Premier League side Manchester United, saying he will buy the club. 

Musk, who claimed to have an interest in owning the Red Devils on August 17, 2022, via his verified Twitter handle, tweeted, “Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome.”

Then five hours later, he claimed, “No, this is a long-running joke on Twitter. I’m not buying any sports teams.

He continues by tweeting that if he were to buy any team it would be Manchester United. 

According to Musk, Manchester United was his favorite team as a kid. 

He also said he is not buying Coca-Cola to put cocaine back in it, despite all the popularity of the move. 

The tweet got a lot of United fans happy for the first hours of his “joke” as they are tired of the current owners, The Glazers family. 

This isn’t the first time the owner of Tesla, inc is making jokes about buying something that he doesn’t want to invest in. 

Musk was close to buying twitter but backed out at the last minute and is trying to discontinue the deal of $44 billion.

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