August 31, 2022

5G related jobs increased by 65% in six months — Report

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By Juliet Umeh

A new report by a data and analytics company, GlobalData has revealed that the numbers of jobs relating to 5G have increased from 5,265 jobs in January 2022 to 8,667 jobs in July 2022, representing a 65percent,.

The report finds that major players in the telecommunications companies such as Ericsson, China Telecom, Deutsche Telecom and American Towers were discussing investment around CapEx and 5G production in 2022, making active jobs to go by 46 percent and job closures rose by 75percent in the same period, an indication that there is an increase in the demand for expertise in the 5G domain.

Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, Sherla Sriprada said: “In its Q1 2022 report, Ericsson discussed investing SEK 1.1 billion in CapEx and other investing activities including 5G production capacity. Deutsche Telekom mentioned that its cash CapEx (before spectrum investment) increased by EUR 0.4 billion to EUR 4.7 billion, mainly because of the ongoing build-out of its 5G network in the US operating segment where the cash CapEx increased by EUR 0.4 billion to EUR 3.0 billion.”

In 2021, American Tower saw the early stages of transformational 5G network upgrades in multiple markets, including nearly $105 billion spent by US carriers for critical mid-band spectrum and over $65 billion in CapEx deployed by carriers into network investments across global footprint.

He added that several tech companies are looking to hire engineers for developing 5G use cases. For jobs such as network administration, testing and software development the firms are likely to hire experts in areas such as infrastructure development, equipment, network operations, and spectrum services.”