August 12, 2022

3 Pro Tips On Buying Your First Luxury Custom Watch, By Designa Individual Watches

A watch isn’t merely an accessory for the wrist. Or a machine with a single purpose – to tell time. That it’s much more than has been proven by watchmakers around the world. The kind of attention to detail that manufacturing a watch requires, especially a bespoke model, is unprecedented.

The eternal desire to get close to the essence of time itself has kept serious watchmakers, and watch-wearers enthralled for centuries. If you find yourself fantasizing about a luxury watch you’d love to own one day, we’ve got you covered. Or rather, the experts at Designa Individual Watches (DiW) have. Here are their 3-pro tips to help you buy your first luxury custom watch.

Decide on the right model

What is the right model, you ask? Well, it’s the one that reflects who you are. DiW experts explain, “A wrist watch occupies a very small area of your body, but it can dominate the mind. If you’re a first-time buyer, try not to emulate your favorite celebrities’ favorite timepiece. Let that come in good time. As a beginner, look for a watch that will speak to you. Enquire about its history, learn about its origin, and see which one clicks with you. The process could take time, and you might feel divided in your choice. But if you persist, the right watch will find you.”

Decide upon the color

Watches aren’t made like cookie cutters, especially in the high-end bespoke departments. This gives you the room to really zone in on your personal color preferences. DiW experts say, “It’s possible that you’ve never before given the color of your watch much thought. But there’s always something to be learned from the purchases you have made in the past. Check out your current collection. Something stands out? A pattern, perhaps? This will help you know what you would like to have in your luxury custom watch.”

Don’t get carried away

First-time big spenders often get carried away. They are in such a rush to belong to ‘the club’ that they fail to realize that they have to do things for themselves first. This applies to buying luxury watches as well. DiW experts have this to say, “A good watch requires both money and time investment. Time more than money. So spend your time understanding the watch you want most instead of just splurging and hoping to land something good.”

These pro-tips can indeed help anyone get over the jitters of buying their first luxury watch.