…says we need a new nation with equal rights for all

A Former National Youth Council President and Founder of the Young Democratic Party (YDP) Mr Henry Nwabueze, has on Friday, described a former Governor of Anambra State Mr Peter Obi, as the most suitable candidate for President in the forth coming 2023 Election .

According to Nwabueze, the time has come for our country Nigeria to experience a true leadership, characterised by a selfless leader who will restructure and re-shapen the nation, leading it to enviable heights

He noted that the emergence of Peter Obi to run for presidency is not borne out of a selfish ambition but a desire to serve and positively transform the nation politically, economically , socially and otherwise, adding that there is the need to have a nation that we all will be proud to hand down to our children.

Besides, Nwabueze noted that the structure of a political party should not come into play when selecting a leader who will bring about the desired upliftment of a nation.

“This is not to talk down on any aspirant but to speak purely for the interest of Nigerians .

“The emergence of Peter Obi as presidential candidate, is not for self interest but to share in the pains of Nigerians

“There is no other person who is fit mentally medically and otherwise to run the affairs of the nation but Peter Obi ; We need someone who will transform this nation.

“All Nigerians and infact everybody with children should care about the welfare of the nation.; We need a country in which every citizen will have equal rights, a country where everyone will enjoy democracy and the basic amenities of life.

“Peter Obi is the only candidate who will bring about this new Nigeria that we all seek; Again, we must note that the structure people talk about today is simply about numbers since politics is a game of numbers

“What Nigerians are looking forward to now, is not the political party you come from or the structure of the party, but the individual in question; Therefore, as at today, Labour party has the majority structure already.

“The “OBIdient” movement is not physical but spiritual; If you read the Bible in the book of Isaiah chapter 1 vs 19 it says “If you are willing and obedient, you will reap the fruit of the land, but if you refuse and rebel, you will be killed by the sword”

“So, we don’t want to be killed by the sword because Nigerians are dying everyday , So now, we are “obidient” and we will be “obidient” until 2023 election and vote our choice.

“This is the first time Nigerians will be choosing a candidate to lead them and it is too late for anyone to stop the “Obidient” movement,” he said

Nwabueze therefore, urged Nigerians to get their PVCs, ensure they go out to cast their vote wisely come 2023 and protect their votes.

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