July 8, 2022

We are obedient to APC, not any individual, political party  — Gov Hope Uzodimma

N40 000 minimum wage

Governor Hope Uzodimma

By Idowu Bankole

The declarative statement made by Gov. Hope Uzodimma during the State APC Stakeholders meeting today may not be a child’s play but a strong determination to ensure that APC wins all elective offices from the state to the national level through members dedication and commitment.

The Governor who said “WE ARE APC MEMBERS, WE ARE OBEDIENT TO APC NOT OBEDIENT TO ANY INDIVIDUAL OR ANY OTHER POLITICAL PARTY” only shows the preparedness of the party ahead of 2023 to remain united and unshaken as well as work in line with the party’s directive which does not only promote cohesion of ideas but leads to victory.

Contrary to the aggressive held opinion by a movement influenced by depraved, treacherous, compromised politicians who are out to service their self ego and mystify governance especially when their selfish interests are not threatened, Gov. Hope Uzodimma remains unperturbed as he is sure that for such politicians they will only end up leaving their followers in distraught without actions.

Rather than pledging obedience to an individual or party which is like a speed lane to the abyss, it is imperative that the APC becomes formidable for the party to win come 2023 and this assurance resonates hope that together APC will tower over every other party.

There is no doubt that the stakeholders meeting has offered the party an opportunity to brainstorm and strategies for the victory of APC while maintaining a high level of confidence level ahead of the general election.

The Governor has used the occasion to reiterate the need for all party member to remain loyal and unwavering even in the midst of provocation and unwarranted actions and pledged that APC is the only political party that rewards loyalty and work for the progress of all.

Gov. Hope Uzodimma made it clear that the days of godfatherism are long gone in the party and anybody relying on any so called godfather to win election under the APC is an unserious politician as he reinstated that APC is a household name in the state and in the country and coupled with our achievements over the years, the people will vote massively for the party and her candidates.

By this meeting, the state APC has hit the ground running in preparation for the electioneering campaign ahead of the September INEC time table for the commencement of campaign and it is obvious that the party is leaving no stone unturned as it is set to win the 2023 general election.