July 8, 2022

Failed Roads: Nowhere is motorable in Satellite Town, residents tell Gov Sanwo-Olu

Failed Roads: Nowhere is motorable in Satellite Town, residents tell Gov Sanwo-Olu

Residents of Satellite Town in Lagos State under the auspices of Satellite Town Interest Forum, SIF, in Oriade Local Council Development Authority, LCDA, has appealed to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to fix all access roads in the area, saying no road in the area is motorable.

They also berated the leadership of Oriade LCDA for turning a blind eye to the total collapse of all the roads in the area, describing the situation as abdication of responsibility.

In a Save Our Soul letter to the governor by its spokesman, Alhaji Yusuf Sani, a retired Comptroller of a para-military agency, they urged the governor to visit the place to understand the plight of residents.

The letter reads:”Our amiable governor, please consider this as an issue that demands urgent attention. We are calling on you in God’s name to come to our aid and save Satellite Town from the total collapse of infrastructure. 

“There is no motorable road in Satellite Town, an area that was known as one of the prime places in Lagos mainland. All the roads have collapsed as a result of wear and tear and activities of tankers and containers.

” While we acknowledge the ongoing reconstruction of Marwa Road, which has brought pains to residents, no every other road in the area is in a bad shape. Even the inner roads(feeder roads) that should ordinarily be fixed by Oriade Local Council Development Authority,LCDA, have been left unattended to by the LCDA. 

Craters are common sights on these roads.  Since the callous citing of tank farms in the area has made petrol tankers to take over Marwa Road, Finiger and even Abule Ado Road by Tantalisers, the inner roads that are main atries are death traps. The link road from Navy Town to Close one is bad. And this is one of the few roads free from tanker menace.

Assembly Road that links the Closes and other estates in the neighborhood is not passable. So bad are the roads that commercial motorcycles (Okadas) avoid them. Community Road, which is another major road connecting Shell Estate, Union Bank Estate, First Bank Estate, Chevron Estate, Unipetrol Estate, Daily Times Estate, Agip Estate , Mobil Estate, CBN Estate 1 and other estates is also not motorable. Your Excellency, Satellite Town is suffering total neglect.

“Sir, this is an area with an enlightened populace including a large number of retirees , who had meritoriously served this country. It is disappointing that the once beautiful and serene environment they knew has suddenly become an urban slum.

“You are a compassionate governor going by your gigantic efforts at improving infrastructure in Lagos. Please do not abandon us to our fate. “Unfortunately, this area is the headquarters of Oriade LCDA, but the Council Chairperson sees nothing wrong with the state of the inner roads. She doesn’t care. On a visit, you will weep and imagine if Satellite is truly a part of the new Lagos you are creating in line with your THEMES AGENDA.  You would even be dumbfounded to learn that a local government chairperson plies the horrible roads.

“Apart from the tankers, another emerging threat is the indiscriminate citing of container terminals in a densely populated area as ours. Our dear Governor Sanwo-Olu, please come to our aid.

“A few days ago, your S.A on Public Works attributed the slow pace of the reconstruction of Marwa Road to the activities of tankers. While that is not in dispute, what about other roads(inner link roads) that are free from tanker menace? What about Assembly Road? What about Constitution Road? What about Community Road. What about Town Planning Road? “