June 12, 2022

‘No PVC, no church’: Priest sends congregants without PVC back home [Video]

US Catholic Diocese agrees to pay $87.5m to people sexually abused by church

A video that has gone viral purportedly shows a Catholic priest telling members without Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) to return home.

The video has been shared by multiple users on Twitter, including a political activist, Rinu Oduala, who has been on the frontline for PVC enrolment.

Though details remain sketchy as to where and when the incident took place, however, the cleric as seen in the footage stressed that none of the congregants should bother coming for mass without their PVC in hand.

His words: “coming for mass, carry your PVC, if you don’t have your PVC, don’t bother coming.

“Because there is no point in having Christians fill the church, but during the election, we have only a handful of them go out to vote. “So, it means our number, our population means nothing. We want Christians to take their responsibility and their role seriously.”

Meanwhile, the viral videos have since stirred reactions on Twitter.