Low sperm count

By Kemi Fawole

As the name implies, Antisperm antibodies are immune system proteins that destroy sperms.

Funny as it seems, it exists. Infact, statistics has it that it contributes to many cases of Infertility, especially those of no known physical cause. A particular international research puts it at about 30%.

These antibodies can be produced when the body mistake sperm as a foreign body or invader and thereby trigger the immune system to fight it or protect itself from the effect of the sperm.

These anti-sperm antibodies can be found in semen, blood or vaginal fluids.

So, as you can see, it’s of both male and female concern.

 These antibodies affect the sperm count, motility and sperm-egg interaction.

 The cause of this can be found in both males and females. They could even impede fertilization process.

Now, you may be wondering what antibodies are.

Antibodies are proteins that the immune system produces in response to foreign material in the body. This builds immunity against that foreign material.

Especially when that foreign material is harmful. Examples of foreign materials are Infections from Bacteria and Viruses.

But there are times that there could be some dysfunction in the immune system where the body develops immunity against a material that is vital for the body. Sometimes the body could have an auto immune disorder where the body generate immunity against itself, in situations that warrant it not to.

Sometimes it could be genetic, which is from birth and at other times, it could be acquired as a result of other factors.

This autoimmune disorder happens in many different illnesses. One example is some kind of Diabetes where a person’s own body fights insulin hormone or in arthritis where a person’s own immunity could cause it.

But in this case, as it concerns our cause of study , it’s a dysfunction in immunity as it has to do with sperms. This kind of infertility is known as immunologic infertility.

So what causes it?

 In males, the first question the doctor will ask you if he is trying to diagnose you for antisperm antibodies is whether you once had Injury  or Surgery in your testicular area.

During this process, the sperm may come in contact with the immune system and trigger an Inflammatory response which initiates the formation of sperm antibodies.

Whether its Vasectomy or Testicular biopsy.Or even Prostatitis could cause it.

Now, how could it be caused in females?

In females, Antisperm antibodies can be produced in the female reproductive system when the female has an “allergic reaction” to sperms.

 Just as a person can be allergic to dust, to pollen, to milk etc, the same way a woman can be allergic to sperms.

 In this case, the woman’s body does not positively respond to sperms.

The reason for this is not quite understood, and more research is on going to find out why.

 Another cause of antisperm antibodies in women is 

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

When antisperm antibodies occur in women, they have the tendency to destroy the sperms before they are able to reach the egg, thereby disrupting fertilization process. However when it occurs in males, their own antibodies destroy their own sperm before they introduce it to the woman during ejaculation.

So, you can see that sometimes, it’s not just about being sexually active or having sperms, other factors are involved. 

How viable are the sperms?

That is why when a couple is about to get married and need to go for Compactibility Test, Blood Group and Gynotype are not sufficient to say that they are compatible, health wise.

There are other tests involved, but probably because of Ignorance or lack of information, couples are not aware that other tests exists.

Last time I talked about Incompactibility of male and female gametes and genetic testings to be done prior to marriage.

In this case, the persons can go for Antisperm antibodies test where the Semen/sperm and/or Blood serum sample is collected to test for antisperm antibodies.

Even the woman can be tested for sperm allergy.

 Infact, kindly note that sometimes the antisperm antibodies may also form in the Uterine tissue which triggers the secretion of histamine and causes the expulsion of implanted embryo. This is responsible for many miscarriages.

 So, how can it be treated?

Since it is caused by the immune system responsible for fighting the sperms,  then it means that a medication that can suppress the immune system such as immunosuppressive therapies like some corticosteroids and cyclosporine in the conventional medicine may help treat antisperm antibodies. Others are sperm washing where the sperms affected by the antibodies are systematically separated and used for IUI or IVF or even ISCI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

However, my premise against immunosuppressive medication is that a generalised immune suppression may expose you and make you susceptible to other illnesses or infection.

 prefer immunomodulatory medication. WhatWhatimmunomodulatory does is that it works systematically. In areas that the immune system is a problem, it suppresses it and then increases it in areas where immunity is low. So, it works basically to benefit the immune system in totality.

Genoxidil  is an organic medication with immunomodulatory properties. It’s ingredients combination involving Grape seed extract, Rhodiola, Dandelion, Shiitake, and Tumeric form a formidable immunomodulatory response to situations like this. In this case, Antisperm antibodies. They have no side effects.

 For the woman, she can take Profemale   especially if she has PID and sperm Allergies.

Nitkick is for men who needs instant hard erection and works best when combined with Vigrx  FOR MEN to correct erectile dysfunction in Diabetic and Hypertensive men.

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