June 29, 2022

How To Become A Software Developer In Nigeria?

How To Become A Software Developer In Nigeria?

Software developers are highly sought after in this digital world. Every business out there, whether big or small, wants to have its own website, mobile app, mailing system, digital marketing system, etc. All of these things are developed and managed by software developers. 

Becoming a software developer isn’t an easy job because there are so many things that one has to learn. In Nigeria, there are already a lot of talented software developers who have proved themselves. If they are able to do it then so can you. Becoming a software developer is a rewarding career choice and if you are serious about becoming a software developer in Nigeria then here are some tips that will help you in the process.

Pursue A Degree In A Bachelor’s Program

One of the standard paths that most people around the world take to become a software developer is to get a degree in computer science or software engineering. Picking a bachelor’s degree program in computer science or software engineering allows you to study the theoretical aspect of computer and software development after which it becomes easy to understand software development practically.

In a bachelor’s program, you will learn about a lot of things including algorithms, computer networks, mathematics, database systems, programming languages, and several other things that will help you throughout your career. 

Although most companies and businesses require individuals to have a bachelor’s degree, remember that you shouldn’t completely rely on the bachelor’s program only. You should voluntarily work on real-world projects be it a game like Solitaire as these will help you gain practical experience.

Learn Programming Languages

Learning programming languages is very essential if you want to become a good software developer in Nigeria or any other country in the world. To be able to communicate with and instruct the computer, you should know programming languages. No matter how many degrees you hold, if you don’t have a deep understanding of programming languages then those degrees are worthless.

There are different programming languages that you can learn such as Ruby, Java, Python, C++, C#, and Javascript, only to name a few. You should learn and master at least three to four programming languages. You can start by learning one language and then moving on to the next one.

Improve Your Programming Skills

Programming is never going to end, as long as we have computers. A degree might help you with the basics and fundamentals of software development but it all depends on you to learn the practical world. In programming, there is always room for improvement and you should constantly strive to improve.

You should continue to practice your programming skills and try to learn something new every day and improve. You must also try to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and software changes that are happening around the industry. Along with all of this, you should also make yourself familiar with different tools that are used in the workplace.

Work On Your Own Projects

If you want an entry-level job at any company then sure you won’t need any hands-on experience in software development but you won’t get any incentives and your salary package won’t be that good. As software development is a practical field, practical experience is more important in this field than academic knowledge or theoretical knowledge.

Therefore, you should try to polish your skills by working on your own projects. You can take help from the internet to take ideas for creating different projects or software. You can start with something basic like the development of a Spider Solitaire game and then move on to complex projects. By doing so, you will be able to develop new skills and polish already existing ones.

Participate In Internships

You can also participate in internships to gain hands-on industry experience and exposure which is very necessary. Internships also help you to grow your network as working for different businesses and companies will increase your exposure to people already in this field which will lead to a number of different job options for you.

During internships, you will get hands-on training, and work on different projects and projects that are being used in the real world. You will also learn how to work as a member of a team. All of these skills will help you during your job search.

Search For Jobs

After you are done with all the preceding steps, it is now time that you create a CV along with your portfolio and apply for different jobs. You should check job portals on a regular basis for new job openings and apply for those openings. If you have a good CV with a presentable portfolio and a good network of professional people, you will be able to easily land a job for yourself.