Troops on patrol in Mariupol on May 18 (MailOnline)

Demoralised Russian troops in Ukraine are plotting ways to get out of the country including trying to arrange ‘fake marriages’, Ukraine’s intelligence agency has revealed.

Analysts say that the Russian military is overstretched, with low morale and could soon run out of combat-ready units as the war in Ukraine enters its 105th day.

A wiretapped recording of a conversation between a Russian soldier and his friend revealed officers ‘had no options at all’ and many had already made unsuccessful attempts to be discharged.

The man said: ‘I already f****** told one of my female friends, “go submit an application to the marriage registration office. I’ll f****** tell them about it here”.

‘She said, “no f****** way, that’s not an option”.

‘Everyone here is trying any possible way [to get out] … but there’s no way.’

The audio footage was released by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), The Telegraph reports.

Increasing numbers of Russian soldiers are looking for excuses to return home as commanders tighten restrictions on leave, said a spokesman from the SBU.

According to another call intercepted by the intelligence service, a man believed to be a Russian soldier is heard to say that their water supply has stopped.

‘We’re sitting here without water. It’s been hot lately. Now there’s the heat and the guys are also sitting in shock. Morally depressed,’ the Daily Beast reports.

He was also heard to say soldiers are wearing the same uniforms they wore in winter.

Elsewhere, an alleged Russian soldier was caught in an audio clip by intelligence department of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry telling a female relative that ‘most’ men in his unit were refusing to fight and ‘trying to dash away themselves across the Russian border’.

‘Right now there are 10 people getting a [truck] ready… If there’s any b******* [they will immediately] hop in the [truck] and head towards Belgorod, they already got a canister there of diesel fuel and put it in the cargo area.

‘I already talked to them and, if anything, they’ll grab me on the way and I’ll hit the road with them,’ he said.

Last month, a Russian court ordered 100 National Guard officers to be dismissed after they refused to fight in Ukraine in February.

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