May 30, 2022

Sterling launches solar energy solutions

Sterling launches solar energy solutions

By Peter Egwuatu

In a bid to connect consumers and providers of renewable energy (solar solutions) as a viable option to Nigeria’s electricity crisis, Sterling Bank Plc has rolled out the Imperium Platform

The platform was launched at the backdrop of unveiling of the Nigerian electricity industry report titled, “Powering Nigeria: How Solar Energy Can Become a Sustainable Electricity Alternative.”

The report was produced by Sterling Bank in partnership with Stears, a digital information company.

Dele Faseemo, Group Head, Renewable Energy at Sterling Bank, said the Imperium Platform seeks to provide clean and affordable energy solutions to interested customers while providing different financing options to customers purchasing the solution outright or paying for the installation and operation of the solution.

He said the Imperium would provide a range of purchase options to consumers because solar energy solutions are not one-size-fits-all, so purchasing options should not be either.

According to him, Sterling Bank employs several purchase models to provide renewable energy solutions for its customers. This ensures that customers with different needs and purchase abilities can access solar energy solutions.

He listed the options to include outright purchase, lease to own, and power as a service. Using outright purchase as an example, he said that energy consumers could purchase products directly from vendors via the Imperium Platform, a dedicated e-commerce platform hosted by Sterling Bank.