May 19, 2022

How I started standup comedy – OfficialMCCasino

How I started standup comedy – OfficialMCCasino

Nigerian standup comedian and compere per excellence, Lawrence Osarenkhoe,fondly referred to as OfficialMCCasino or MC Casino, evokes talent and an individual drenched in the arsenal of humour.

The Edo-born skit maker is an undeniable evidence of immense talent Nigerians are innately endowed with.

OfficialMCCasino, who is from Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo, regularly furnishes his social media followers with short comedy videos. The University of Benin graduate, who majored in Fisheries in Agriculture, is one of the popular faces of online comedy in Nigeria.

The comic actor disclosed that he had his first stage performance in 2002 in a rather funny and predestined manner. MC Casino, in a recent question and answer session, said he started the craft professionally as an undergraduate at his alma mater, which gave him the exposure and the need to polish and brush himself for what awaits him.

“I am from Orhionmwon Local Government. My both parents are from the same local government. Am a graduate of the University of Benin, I read Agriculture and I majored in Fisheries. We are seven in our family and I’m the sixth. I am a married man with a beautiful daughter. I started comedy at the University of Benin in 2008 professionally, yes, or should I say that was the first time I was paid to anchor an event. 2008”, OfficialMCCasino said. 

Speaking further, OfficialMCCasino sai“I think professionally 2008, but I think the first day I did standup comedy was in 2002. There was a very big comedian in Edo State then. He came to my area, I was born and brought up in Nigerian Institute for Oil-Palm Research (NIFOR). So he did the comedy show there and these days, the use megaphone to announce events traditionally. 

“So I was in possession of my church’s megaphone. So the organisers got to know that I had a megaphone. So they used my church’s megaphone that was in my possession to advertise the event and as such, I got a ticket to enter the event”, 

OfficialMCCasino said.

On how he came about his stage name, 

OfficialMCCasino, who is from a family of seven, revealed that he adopted the trademark from a movie he saw involving his look-alike Nollywood actor, whom he is a huge fan of.

“I used to be a very strong, follower and fan of this Nollywood guy Jim Iyke, in fact, my entire family. My dad used to like his movies a lot. So I was addicted to his movies. 

“While in was growing up, people always tell me I look like him. So there was this movie he acted ‘The Cat’, so that was where I first heard the word ‘casino’. I just heard the word and fell in love with the word; so i just added MC to it. That was how I started using the name,” stated

OfficialMCCasino or MC Casino.