May 17, 2022

Babajide Ogunjobi joins VerifyMe as VP Products and Data Strategy

Babajide Ogunjobi joins VerifyMe as VP Products and Data Strategy

By Etop Ekanem

ID and Consumer Insights technology company, VerifyMe Nigeria, has announced the addition of Babajide Ogunjobi to its leadership team as Vice President, Products & Data Strategy.

Jide is an experienced data, software engineer, and architect with almost 15 years of experience working in engineering leadership roles in the United States and Nigeria.

Jide joins VerifyMe from Moove Africa after having roles in Innovation, and as Chief Technology Officer. At Moove, Jide led the architecture and development of technology infrastructure, including building out real time solutions for on-boarding and analytics services leading to the company’s Series A funding.

Prior to joining Moove, Jide worked as a data engineering lead at global consultancy Publicis Sapient where he led data architecture and planning for clients from multiple industries. In previous roles, Jide also worked as a data engineer at Grubhub in the US, as a Vice President at Citigroup and J.P. Morgan as a Data Solutions Architect.

Esigie Aguele, CEO VerifyMe, states that: “VerifyMe is looking into the future, and we are building data products that securely and easily connect businesses to people. I am excited to have Jide join the team as we bring top talent to solve problems in our community.”

Jide has an MBA from the University of Florida, and a bachelor’s degree in Management from Florida State University.

He will join the VerifyMe team to build identity and data products that connect identity to consumer analytics.