May 7, 2022

2023: Zoning is not Nigeria’s problem – MNG

Map of Nigeria

By Festus Ahon, Asaba

AGAINST the clamour in some quarters, the Movement for Nigerian Greatness, MNG, Saturday, said the problem of Nigeria was not zoning but capable leadership.

The group in a statement by its National Coordinator and Secretary General, Oniobo Ofegor Collins and Okonkwo Chukwuma Chris, respectively, said: “The Movement for Nigerian Greatness (MNG) is of the view that there are aspirants, both from up North and down South, who are very capable of bettering the future of the people of Nigeria.

“So, the issue of zoning is not really a problem here. We have had Presidents in the past, both from North and South, who have performed their best to the nation. Their best may not be good enough but they have done what they could do at the time.

“What we should be looking out for is the track record of all aspirants from all political parties that will be participating in the forthcoming general elections. What are the antecedents of these people? What and what have they done right or otherwise?

“What are their experiences? How successful are they in their personal endeavour, aside politics? Because we need someone who can create jobs for our people. So, you must be that person who knows how to be productive. Not just come and start paying salaries of the workforce.


“We need someone who has been able to manage his or her personal business over the years, to become our President. When he or she gets into office, the wealth of experience gathered overtime will be brought onboard. Both small scale businesses and large scale industries should be of paramount importance to us as a people, while we do not sideline or downplay the importance of security.

“So , these are issues that need to be addressed properly. Anyone who can deliver on these and more is who we need.

We believe the contest should be thrown open to all aspirants irrespective of the zone where they come from. That’s democracy.

“By the time you begin to put zoning into consideration, then you begin to negate the principles of democracy. Moreso, the issue of zoning isn’t encapsulated in our Constitution as a people.

“So, what government and other actors should do is to begin to amend the Constitution so as to incorporate the principles of zoning and representation. Once you do that, then everyone will know what belongs to him or her and at the appropriate time.

“We have said this matter countless times and it is our stand, that the norm of power rotation or power shift, especially at the federal level, will bring issues if not properly addressed.

“We adviced that the Constitution be amended so as to encapsulate this concern, and also that the political will must be mustered in order to achieve this but they didn’t take it seriously.

“Now, some people are threatening others over which zone produces the next President of Nigeria. Instead, you play your politics strategically, taking into consideration that democracy is a game of number, you are busy threatening others.

“If we were taken seriously far back when we raised this issue, we won’t be talking of zoning today. Rather, some persons were busy playing politics with the issue under discuss and what we saw on their part is not far from political perfidy because they lacked faith that the amendment would have been possible if they had summoned the much needed courage.

“So, we need a pacific political atmosphere in Nigeria. We do not want these threats here and there. Everyone of them should go and test their strength and popularity. Who emerges as the winner of his party should be supported by his party and that’s how democratic politics is done.”