May 1, 2022

2023: Why I want to govern Osun — Omigbodun

Oyegoke Omigbodun

Social Democratic Party, SDP, governorship candidate in Osun State, Mr. Oyegoke Omigbodun, in this interview, speaks on his prospects and plans.

By Dapo Akinrefon

Why do you want to govern Osun State?
I threw my hat into the ring because I observed that many things could be done better in Osun State and nationally. You may wonder what it is about national politics that I’m interested in. I made up my mind that I must go into this race to make sure I redeem Osun State and be a strong voice for the restructuring of Nigeria so that there can be devolution of power.

Why do you think the people of Osun will vote for you?
The people of Osun should vote for me because I am going to deliver better governance than what they are experiencing. The people of Osun should vote for me because I am going to teach them how to fish. We should have a government that will be independent of any godfather. Whether the godfather is in Lagos or somewhere in the state, our government will be independent.

I was born in Osun. I was groomed in Osun. I lived all my life in Osun. In this country, a governor finished his tenure and as soon as the tenure ended, the next day, he was going to step on a plane and jet out of the country to the United States of America before he was arrested. Such an incident would not happen if such people lived in the areas where they served.

Look at the people I’m contesting with, they are either from Lagos or Atlanta in the United State of America. All I have is in Osun. I have been among my people. They should trust me enough to know that I understand their challenges. The kind of governor Osun deserves is the one who keenly understands everything to be able to deliver. The kind of governor Osun should have is the one who has a track record.

What is your message to the youths in the state?
My message to the youths in Osun is that they should not sell their votes. A few weeks ago, I told everybody to go out and get their PVC. I intend to run a youth-centred programme.

They constitute the highest percentage of the population of Osun State. They should stop accepting peanuts from politicians. The youths should stop selling their votes to avoid becoming like the biblical Esau who sold his birthright.

The youths should access all the candidates to know their capabilities. I am urging the youths to embrace any candidate capable of taking them away from internet fraud. Such a person can help them to become innovators.