The Woman is important and integral to the solid foundation, building and wellbeing of every life in our society, 

Over the years women have clamoured for relevance from the society and institutions built by the people they nurtured with their blood and sweat.

Making it true that if you empower a woman you build a nation.

Let’s look deeper into this…

Why do we as women seek for the empowerment we nurtured to fruition?

Have we as women won in the empowerment of each other? 

Think about this deeper….

Women with this line of thought all over the world have founded various women support groups to help create a platform of steady growth and rise for women. One of them that caught our attention is a women’s fellowship called Divine Women In God’s Service – (DWINGS – pronounced ‘deewings’ founded by Pastor Dr, Deborah Omale, the Head Pastor of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries Int’l. A seasoned entrepreneur and beautician with strong Love for Humanity and Nature.

Through this women’s fellowship called DWINGS, she has aided and supported women spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically regardless of their class or status,

Leading them to the point where they see how relevant their lives can be to their circles…. 

She has organized periodic trainings and empowerment programs that has helped women take themselves to a considerable place of self reliance and confidence in the truth that they can Be The Difference they seek. This has been a steady occurrence for years and is a great addition to other women empowerment programs in true working existence. 

As women folk in this modern day we have now figured that In the sought for gender equality, we have missed the fact that the true source of the strength we need is to empower every women we can, regardless of age, stage and status in life.

Let’s channel the energy we vest on voicing out our dissatisfactions to lifting the hand of every women around us so that we all get largely empowered enough that we need or seek no validation.

Make up your minds today as women in your sphere of influence, to be a source of lifting to your fellow woman at every chance and instance you get and in no distant time, We as Women will be the power we seek. 

Let’s join the new idiology of being that catalyst that will help strengthen this world one woman at a time.


Pastor Dr. Deborah Emmanuel Omale is the Senior Pastor of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International.
She is an Entrepreneur with diverse interests and a conglomerate of businesses. CEO of Beauty Secrets Medspa
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