April 9, 2022

Precious Egemasi: Young music executive making giant strides

Precious Egemasi: Young music executive making giant strides

By Onozure Dania

Precious Egemasi Chogozie, better known as ‘Bad boy Anonymous’, is a young Nigerian music executive currently making giant strides in Africa’s music industry. 

He is an owner of a successful Management / Label Company named “Anonymous Music”. The company has produced and worked with artists like Timz, Olamide and many more. He is also a manager in his family owned real estate company ‘Patrick Egemasi & Sons Limited” where he takes charge with Digital innovations. 

At Anonymous Music, Precious continues to work towards creating a solid platform that allows artists and talent to flourish and build full time careers, within the music industry. 

With Precious leading the company, Anonymous Music has been dominant and has been a dream for young artists to get signed on to in recent years.

The Label has earned over 200,000,000 (Hundred Million) streams & downloads across all Music outlets.

He’s well familiar with the overall structure of the African Music industry in general. 

Precious says, “There are tons of opportunities in the entertainment realm. I would love to see more artists from here gain worldwide attention, tour the world on the strength of their sound and be able to create brands.” 

He strives to break great musical talent into the international ranks, and hopes to inspire young Nigerian entrepreneurs to get involved in creating more avenues in the country’s entertainment industry. “I hope to inspire the people in my city to put more focus on working together, so that we can achieve more.”

At 19, he went into Affiliate marketing and Forex Trading; Same period he became a nightclub promoter working at some of the best nightclubs in Lagos’ Entertainment hub, Lekki. Eventually, these decisions led him to success. 

“I made tons of connections whether it be with industry people, DJs, Artists, OAPs, creatives and it was there that I learned what it takes to throw a great event and how to move an audience through great music and stage design.” – Says, Precious Egemasi.

Since then, Precious has had multiple streams of income and work experiences in Music Industry, Real Estate, Online Marketing, and Blockchain enterprises. He also invests in startups across Africa ranging from Healthcare to Cryptocurrency and Finance. 

He has visited over 30 countries in the past years and he’s completing a degree in Poland.