March 26, 2022

Meet the man behind the brand ‘EDGE’.

Meet the man behind the brand ‘EDGE’.

Breaking into the Entrepreneurship side in Nigeria like never before is Mr. Olaoluwa Oluwatosin Shoyebo who hails from Oyo state, a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

He is a Human Resource Enthusiast in sense that his goal is to impact positively in the life of people through his brand messaging which speaks that “YOU HAVE THE EDGE”, He has been one of the active entrepreneur in the truest sense with a relish for providing premium quality and essential products like (vape, urban wears, socks, headgears) for clients day-to-day use across different industries.

EDGE as a brand is the next generational outfit to look out for because it leverages on every community, be it the media community, corporate community and also centered around the youth empowerment.

Since the launch of the brand ‘EDGE’, the reviews from the customers has been keeping the brand in good shape and also making it one of the most sort-after brand in the country.

He said, “The brand was influenced by life generally and when I say life I mean looking at the ups and downs and struggles in our daily living, that was where the idea was all born from”.

Passion for humanity and also the love I have for entrepreneurship led me into the building the brand ‘EDGE’. Just as the name says, the brand promises to keep producing high end quality and essential products that would be useful for peoples day-to-day activities.