March 14, 2022

IWD: Nikki Udezue Foundation empowers underprivileged widows

IWD: Nikki Udezue Foundation empowers underprivileged widows

In recognition of the International Women’s Day, the Nikki Udezue Foundation, NUF has empowered underprivileged widows in a bid to improve their living conditions, enhance their access to basic amenities and resources and increase their self-worth.

The widows were awarded grants to setup small scale businesses or add to already existing ones.

They were monitored through supportive supervision and an ongoing mentorship through a period of time, to track their progress.

The Founder of the Foundation, Nkeiruka Udezue said the gesture followed the successful implementation of the Widows’ Smile 1.1 initiative that took place on the 1st of January 2022, at the target location of pilot phase, which were Nyanya, Mararaba, and Masaka suburbs of the FCT.

‘‘After recording over 60% success rate in our progress report, this led the Foundation’s decision to identify 5 of the widows, whom they call “The Five Star Widows” who became eligible for a second grant. This is because they had shown a positive growth after the flag ship program, as they have ensured the little funds given to them was put into good use, multiplied, and benefited others around them.

‘‘This is in line with the foundations Vision statement that we continually work to empower the underprivileged to afford the essential standard of living sustain others around them with dignity.

‘‘In view of this, and as part of the celebrations marking the INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY 2022, on the 8th of March, the Nikki Udezue Foundation paid a visit to these 5 Star Widows who picked up the broken pieces of their lives and with the support from the Foundation made significant progress in a short time.

‘‘They were granted additional sums of cash, as well as food items, and new clothing materials, to further enhance their petty trade.

‘‘During the program outreach, A particular Widow was given further level of empowerment due to the severity and uniqueness of her situation. The foundation surprised her by paying off her debt, paying for her house rent, and medical bills.’’

The 5 star women of The Widows Smile 1.1 Initiative expressed their gratitude and promised to put the funds into good use.

Nikki Udezue Foundation (NUF) is a youth and woman-led nonprofit organization focused on positively impacting the lives of people in communities, especially marginalized groups, the vulnerable, and the poor, through socio-economic development interventions.

It employs inclusive and community-driven approaches to solve social ills and contribute to the lives of all people in their sphere of limitation by increasing their access to socio-economic, health, security, and development opportunities.