Dear Bunmi,

I’m living a nightmare! My husband of five years is a chronic debtor, and it seems as if borrowing money is second nature to him. He’s taken every available loan in his office and has borrowed money from neighbours and friends.

No month goes by without irate people he’d borrowed money from coming to the house breathing fire. He’s even gone as low as to borrow from artisans in the neighbourhood!

The trouble is he’s not a generous husband and father to our child, and it is virtually impossible to plan for the future with all these debts hanging down his neck. I have threatened to leave, but he is urging me to have more children. How can I stay in this kind of situation?

Chioma, by e-mail.

Dear Chioma,

However much you love your man, heavy financial problems will strain your relationship. The money issue is a major topic for couples and you need to sort out your husband’s recklessness before you decide on having more children.

By the sound of it, your man is not good with money, but do you know on what he spends all these monies he keeps borrowing? Does he gamble? Is he on drugs? Does he support a lot of members of his extended family? Your husband needs to change very quickly too. His habit is one of the most difficult to break, so set your mind on keeping him if you can.

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