Famcoinverse token — merging finance with the trending metaverse.

It all began during my 300 Level in school, The Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta ogun state, when a friend informed me about how you can earn money with Bitcoin. Due to my financial difficulties at that time, I quickly jumped on the brief idea he gave me and got myself locked up in my room for upto 3 weeks.

Usually I am an outing person, who likes to party, but on hearing the brief about Bitcoin, I determined to know the root of it, because what my friend heard about Bitcoin and told me was mind blowing; talking about the decentralization and you can easily withdraw bitcoins to your bank account using Luno application as at that time. I believed my innovation and ability to understand things will make me get to the root of it all

My friend that informed me have not tried anything about Bitcoin. He just heard about it and then informed me and told me to try it out since he knows my innovative abilities.

I went to Google, started surfing the internet, wanting to know more. The more the info I got, the more I got tired as my head was getting hot. I would take a short nap and get back to my research with my pen on paper.

My friend then that used to drive me anywhere, who is a government officer in ogun state, will call me, ‘Famola let’s go out now.. there are new hot babes’. But my replies was that, ‘bro Tunde, I am very busy on a research that could change my life’. He then will laugh and then say ok… I think everyone believes in my intelligence and brilliance.

After the third week, I got to know details about Bitcoin, and then got to know that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency we have. As at that time we have about 3000+ cryptocurrency and now we have about 17k+ cryptocurrency worldwide which my token the Famcoinverse is one of them. I also got to know we have different ways by which one can make money off cryptocurrency.

The one that interest me most is building telegram bots and working as a vendor, where you have to place ads on your WhatsApp asking people to come and trade with you.

That sounds weird as I think it won’t be possible for me to start placing ads everywhere. What if I don’t get it right and just play with peoples money, then I opt in for building telegram bots.

I started my research again about making telegram bots and my head became hotter. I finally got it and made a lot of money.

As at that time, there were many telegram users from different country worldwide on different telegram groups who wants to build bots for investment purpose, HYIP, give instructions to users of their websites, in short, bots is just an artificial intelligence application that can do all the job and make it faster.

I joined different groups, advertising to them that I can build bots. Then they reached out to me, I got to know that the bot builders charge about $300 and then I started charging $100, each bots takes me three days to complete it.

I made lots of money from this and then many people including my course mates began to know that I deal with cryptocurrency. With this they came to me themselves and everyone around asking if I trade crypto for naira.

After this, I got to know about a token then called Bithercash and that they operate in Dubai. I quickly got a visa to Dubai to learn more about crypto, then after 3 months later the bither cash company came to Nigeria to organize a seminar and I was part of it. I took every opportunity I had to learn more about cryptocurrency.

I started my crypto trading as a vendor from there and started  “famcoin tradings” company. I registered the company as a business name, during my NYSC in Abuja. From there I proceeded to learn cryptocurrency trading on exchanges in 2017 from one of the friends I met on telegram and he charged me $500. 

After I learned, I contacted a graphics guy and told him, make me a graphics and say “learn Bitcoin trading with Famcoiner”.

I opened a Whastapp group, post signals on there, opened an Instagram account and started doing giveaways during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic so I could get noticed online. I got many who were interested in learning and finally today famcoin tradings have trained more than 5000 students worldwide.

I then later organized online live seminars via Instagram and joined other experienced traders like Bitcoin chief and others and also organized physical seminars and train people in Abuja and other cities in Nigeria about crypto trading.

Creating bots on telegram, trading huge bitcoins and other cryptocurrency from friends and people anywhere in the world and training many people charging them a token of $150 on promo and $300 as standard fee, got me lot of money.

In 2020 after my NYSC, I planned to proceed for my Masters and got admission Masters in Business Administration. During my MSC, in October 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberk announced itself as Meta.

I quickly thought about something that can come out of it as I know many will want to create tokens in that name. That week, I started making research about how I can create a token and I got all details considering my vast knowledge about crypto.

That same week I became the first person to create a token in meta name. And raised $600,000 in presale on pinksale. However crypto decentralization have made it possible that my face is not on the project. But trust me, the project is multi-million dollar market cap project till date.

After this, I came to realize that I can also create a token in my name and let the world know about this, considering that technology is now managing finance. Hence the reason for the Famcoinverse token — merging finance with the trending metaverse. https://famcoinuniverse.org/

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