Can we ever become lovers?

Dear Bunmi,

My girlfriend and I have very healthy love-making appetite – and she really gives me pleasure.  But I’m greedy and believe I could get more out of her. I’m a good cook and have been wondering lately if aphrodisiacs really work. If they do, what can I cook for her to whet her appetite for more intimacy?

Peter, by e-mail.

Dear Peter,

What a considerate lover you are? Many foods are reputed to be aphrodisiacs because of their smell, appearance, taste or effect.

For example, chillies and curries probably picked up their reputation because they raise the heart rate and cause sweating, just like love-making does, although according to experts, there’s no evidence that they increase libido.

A healthy diet is more likely to benefit your drive for intimacy, but if it’s a quick fix you need, opt for what is known as the placebo effect. Feed her a known aphrodisiac such as oysters, which you may not readily get here. Instead cook exotic dishes such as the obokun fish for her. This may work simply because she assumes it will.

But showing her your love by preparing any meal has to be the best aphrodisiac of all.

It shows you care and a lot of women would give their right arm to be waited on by the man they love. 

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