March 23, 2022

2023: Why PDP, APC should save Nigeria with tickets zoned to SE – Udeogaranya

Soludo's an asset to all, deficit to none — Udeogaranya

Charles Udeogaranya

By Chioma Gabriel

Onetime presidential aspirant and a Zikist, Chief Charles Udeogaranya, has advised Nigerian politicians, particularly members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), of the impending danger of denying the people of the South-East zone, the opportunity of producing the next president of Nigeria.

In a release, Udeogaranya pointed out that “most Nigerians are in agreement that the South-East zone should produce the next president of Nigeria, but the consequence of its denial is frightening even more because it will create a conducive ground for the last remnant of NDIGBO with unalloyed loyalty to Nigeria, to reconsider and question their loyalty to a nation without a right to preside over her affairs as profoundly established in the last 50 years. Such dejected feeling by a sizeable population of a country towards her nation could prove fatal and portends greater danger to the labours of our nationalists, pre-independence to date in building and crystalizing a common nationality out of Nigeria.”

Udeogaranya reminded politicians how critical their decisions can be on the masses with the Ukraine crisis as a case study. He maintained that a better and progressive Nigeria without violence is what all Nigerians desire, a nation where we all can live in peace and make progress, by treating all her citizens fairly with equal rights and justice.

The politician concluded that most Nigerians have agreed that the South-East zone should produce the next president. APC and PDP should treat it as a full optimization of democracy and follow suit with zoning.