February 9, 2022

Pregnant at 14!

Pregnant at 14!

Dear Bunmi,

I’ve just discovered that my eldest daughter, who is 14, is pregnant. I’ve always brought her up to know the importance of safe sex, in spite of whatever sex education she must have been taught in school. As to be expected, I am devastated. I didn’t even realise she and her boyfriend, 16, were having a sexual relationship. It seems unthinkable that he could become a mum when, only last year, she was still playing with her sister’s dolls! 

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Bimpe, by e-mail.

Dear Bimpe,

At 14 your daughter is obviously not ready to be a mother and her boyfriend is hardly father material. You need to have a serious talk with her and your husband as to the best action to take. If abortion is one of the options, you need to know how far gone she is. If it’s not, then you have to decide whether to give up the baby for adoption or raise it yourself. 

Whatever happens, don’t make her feel it’s the end of the road for her. She has her future before her and can still live her dreams after she’s had her baby. This experience is bound to make her stronger. Make sure she has all the information she needs about every path open to her. Whatever she chooses to do, she’ll cope with you by her side.