February 13, 2022

Entertainment divas bare it all on Valentine’s Day, love

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By Ayo Onikoyi

In less than 24 hours the world celebrates St. Valentine’s Day yet again as usual for centuries. It is a Day lovers take to town to express love for one another. While it is generally upheld as the day of love, it means different things to different people. It is, however, interesting to know what some entertainment divas think of the day, what they plan to do and their very idea of love and what it means to them. Verily, Valentine’s Day is only tomorrow.

Love is a beautiful thing —Actress, Temidayo Babatunde

While she admits she has no specific plan for the day, she says that she believes in the celebration of the St. Valentine’s Day because of its unique, inspiring and touching story.

“Love is a beautiful thing that should be shown and felt as it makes the world beautiful. Although, I am of the opinion that showing love should not be restricted to a specific date. Love should be shared hourly, daily, monthly and every day of our lives and it should be reciprocated,” she says.

“Love is a beautiful thing. I am passionate about love as I am love personified. It is good to love and be loved. I love love and I advocate that everyone should share love with their loved ones,” she adds.

Love is natural gift to humans —Actress Ejine Okoroafor

Actress Ejine Okoroafor won’t be in Nigeria to celebrate the lovers’ day as she would be shopping for her fashion store in Istanbul, Turkey, but she definitely holds some cheery views about the day, even going down memory lane to pluck out some loving moments.

“To be honest, nothing beats love! It is a natural gift to humans. It feels good to be in love and also to be loved back. No matter how much I have been hurt, I will never give up on love. My advice is for everyone to feel it, enjoy it because life is too short.

Celebrating at home, no boyfriend, no fiance —Skit maker, Kofankii

Instagram sensation and content creator, Kofankii Efunke says the day is to celebrate love, share love, give love, and receive love. However, there are no romantic destinations for the voluptuous beauty to celebrate with anyone.,

“I will celebrate it at home alone with a movie on Netflix and a bottle of red wine since I am single and have no fiance or boyfriend. I believe in love. Love is real. You only have to find your soulmate. To me, love is caring and looking beyond the mistakes of your partner,” she submits.

Love is special to me —Singer/actress, Sandra Ifudu

Singer and actress Sandra Ifudu does not mince words on her belief in love. She says the day is set aside to celebrate love specially even though love is to be celebrated everyday.

“Of course, I believe in love. Like I said, love is a beautiful thing and it makes the world go round. Love is special to me because I can’t even imagine this world without love in the first place,” she says.

I will accept a date with any available gentleman —Actress, Chesan Nze

Actress, Chesan Nze certainly has some lofty thoughts about St. Valentine’s Day as she intends to show love to orphans in some hospices as well as sharing gifts with family and friends. But that doesn’t mean this fair-skinned beauty won’t be spoiling herself a little.

“I will treat myself to good music, lovely meals and sweet wine. I will accept a date with any available gentleman because I plan to leave the single market soon and pray work doesn’t ruin a special Val’s date this time. I believe in love, love to me means a great interest, pleasure or strong affection towards a person or thing. love is a beautiful feeling that causes our body to release a flood of feel-good chemicals that trigger special physical reactions,” she states.

I love everything about Valentine’s Day — Influencer, Eva Adaeze

“Yes I do. Belief is an understatement, I love everything about Valentine’s Day . Apart from the fact that it is mainly of Christian origin (feast of St. Valentine), I believe in Cupid and everything love stands for .Even though here in Nigeria people do too much, I really don’t blame them .What’s that saying about doing whatever rocks your boat,” Eva Adaeze squeals

“I’ll be partaking in some exclusive intimate activities, don’t ask what? I expect my box of roses wrapped up in plenty of dollars as usual. Love means compassion, it means being able to see someone else as yourself. I’ll just end it with a verse from Miley Cyrus’s lyrics from the song ‘Someone else'”, she adds.

I love unconditionally everyday —Actress Nneoma Okoro

Actress Nneoma Okoro doesn’t believe in the celebration of Valentine’s Day because, according to her, love shouldn’t have any special day.

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“ I am love and I show it everyday. For me, there’s no special day to show love because I love unconditionally everyday, all year! There are simply no specifics to love. My plan for the day is my routine every Val’s day which is spa, massage and games night with my girlfriends who are single like me! Finally, spoil myself with exotic perfume gifts and return gift favours from those who gifted me as well,” she says.

I will be in Miami Beach connecting with nature —Singer, Harnmonee

“Yes, I do believe in the celebration of St Valentine’s Day. I will be in Miami Beach connecting with nature , the ocean breeze puts my mind at ease. Love is everything , love is the most secure feeling ever”, says Harmonee.

I want to love me more —Actress, Bose Alao

Popular Nollywood actress, Bose Alao says she wants to love herself more and if possible present herself with a Valentine’s gift.

“I think I want to love myself more and if possible, present me a Valentine’s gift, I love gifts. I believe so much in love. Love is when you have feelings and emotions deeply for someone unconditionally. You don’t watch the person you claim you love in pain, hurt, struggles , agony and more. Love is sweet and helpful,” she asserts.

I will be doing things I love with him —Singer, Annette Cookey

Singer, Annette Cookey is your everyday gleeful lover girl who will be doing things she loves with her man tomorrow. Don’t ask what?

“ As usual receiving gifts from him (laughs) and just doing things we love together (in doors). Yes, I do believe in love. Love means caring, giving (sharing), being honest and open at all times. Loving others becomes very easy when you love God and love yourself,” she declares.

I have never celebrated Val’s Day —Actress, Olive Utalor

Olive Utalor declares that she is perennially single and thus has no reason to celebrate with any man but she nonetheless confesses her belief in love.

“Someone who is single doesn’t really have plans but would most likely be at home. I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, when I find love I will celebrate. However, I believe there shouldn’t be a special day to celebrate the people you love, we can celebrate them any day, any time and anywhere,” she offers.

Always a memorable day for me – Actress, Chidinma Anyah

For delectable actress, Chidinma Anyah, the day holds a special memory for her, not because of the intent of the day but for a personal reason.

“ The day is to give thanks to God first, for He is the origin of love itself. I intend to share the day with my loved ones. However, it happens to be a day that falls within my little sister’s birthday. Hence it has been a memorable day for me and family to share special gifts,” she says

“ My understanding of love is that it can be seen through actions. It goes hand in hand with sacrifice, caring, and compassionate understanding of who we are as individuals. Love resonates with kind words, a listening ear, understanding, encouragement, and so forth. Love shouldn’t just end at homes, but the society at large. I mean the homeless, the orphans, the poor, to mention but a few,” she adds.

Love doesn’t start on Valentine’s Day —Actress, Mimisola Daniels

“I’m not particularly fond of Valentine’s Day and all the excesses that often come with it. I believe that love should be a virtue expressed by all and to all from time to time, and not the romanticized concept we’ve attached to it. Love doesn’t start on Valentine’s Day and shouldn’t end on Valentine’s Day, it should be a part of who we are,” Mimisola Daniels philosophizes.

It’s a great reminder that love is the biggest thing —Bayray McNwisu

“ It’s a great reminder that love is the biggest thing ever created or experienced by all. I will be partying with my best friends and have a love dinner in the evening,” Bayray McNwisu submits

Love to her, “ is everything good. So if you’re not feeling good…find a way to show love to others and things would automatically start to change positively.”

Youths, be careful who you hang out with —Actress, Bukola Omosuwa

Actress, Bukola Omosuwa popularly known as Omoge-Ikale is particularly worried by the spate of ritual killings in the country and thus cautioning our youths to be wary of who they choose to hang out with.

“With the latest happenings in the country, and the high rate of ritual killings and insecurity. I would urge youths especially, to be more careful with who they choose to hang out with. In as much as it is a beautiful day to celebrate love, it could also be used as an avenue by these cruel people to get more victims,” she warns

“I know a lot of people do not know that St Valentine’s story isn’t a romantic but a tragic one. However, love is a beautiful thing. Whoever has found it, has really found a beautiful thing. However, I haven’t really been a lucky person with love. It is just too complicated,” she adds.

I do not believe in the celebration — Actress Judith Nneji

Actress Judith Nneji says she doesn’t believe in the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day as it is of ancient origin. Then she takes us through the history of the origin of the celebration.

Hear her: On February 14 in the year 270 C.E., a young Roman named Valentine was beaten and beheaded because he would not renounce Christianity. To the little daughter of the jailer who had charge over him and who had befriended him, he left a note. He signed the note, “From your Valentine.” For centuries thereafter the phrase “from your Valentine” meant only friendship. But around the year 1400 it took on a new meaning. The World Book Encyclopedia informs us: “Valentine’s Day comes on the feast day of two different Christian martyrs named Valentine. But the customs connected with the day . . . probably come from an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia which took place every February 15. The festival honored Juno, the Roman goddess of women and marriage, and Pan, the god of nature.” So true Christians are to abstain from any celebrations that connect with paganism.”

However she affirms her belief in love, quoting several chapters of the Holy Bible.

Val’s Day deserves some form of festivity —Actress, Onyinye Ilechukwu

For actress, Onyinye Ilechukwu, It’s not a question of belief. She holds that, “ These dates and their peculiar significance have been set apart for global recognition, therefore if I choose to celebrate or not , the impact has been made in the global calendar.”

“I believe everyday is special and some days are to be recognized specifically, Val’s Day, like every other remarkable day deserves some form of festivity,” she adds.

On believing in love: “ I believe in love because I believe in God. He instituted love and gave it as the most important commandment. I practice God’s love a lot, which is , giving, forgiveness, kindness, fairness, patience & peace etc. Then along the lines of trying to keep God’s words a good Man comes along , we can try to take God’s word.”

It’s a day love is re-activated and celebrated —Actress, Pelumi Oluwakayode

Actress Pelumi Arameeday Oluwakayode believes St. Valentine’s Day is a day when love re-activated and celebrated. “I key into it as well. It falls on Monday this year. It is a workday. Consequently, when I return from the day’s work, I’ll celebrate it in a small way with my man. Even God Himself is love. As such, I believe in love and love means so much to me. With love and affection, happiness and peace will always reign.

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