January 21, 2022

TITILOPE KUTI: The dynamic and talented man behind the character ‘ADE TIGER’ and his growing influence

TITILOPE KUTI: The dynamic and talented man behind the character ‘ADE TIGER’ and his growing influence

The character ‘Ade Tiger’ instantly strikes a chord of fondness among the many members of King of Boys Army as fans of the blockbuster movie, King of Boys like to call themselves, even though few know the elusive man behind the character.

Titilope Kuti delivered the character of Ade Tiger so effortlessly, one would think he practically wrote the role into the script himself, playing key roles in the evolution and development of the intrigues and mystique that make the story, unlike anything Nollywood put out hitherto.

Quite a few people wondered how a relatively unknown actor gave such a flawless performance, but keen followers of the entertainment industry in Nigeria know Titilope Kuti’s pedigree and weren’t surprised that he delivered the goods in KOB. Titilope Kuti, just like the elusive and intently focused character Ade Tiger he plays on King of Boys, had acquired unparalleled experience from working in different aspects of entertainment which prepared him to deliver an Oscar-worthy performance in KOB. Standing at an incredible 6ft 3inches tall, caramel-skinned Titilope Kuti would be a natural pick for a Nigerian Superhero character if such a movie were to be made in Africa’s largest movie industry and most populous country.

Whereas he has largely stayed out of the spotlight despite being in showbiz practically all of his working life, Titilope has managed to carry out his mammoth body of work under the radar, which all added up to the believability of his performance in KOB as the ever-loyal protégé of the King of Boys played by the inimitable Sola Sobowale. Kuti has a dynamic skillset assembled from a career journey that has bestrode and delivered excellence as a model, production manager, director, Event Compere, TV presenter, Content Creator, and Brand Influencer among others.

Titilope Kuti is a graduate of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at Lagos State University (LASU) whose build and good looks steered him in the direction of modeling during his undergraduate days.

This phase of his work life would see him do a lot of runway shows for fashion brands, billboards, and TV adverts that helped him establish himself within that space at a relatively young age. After graduating from LASU Titi took on challenges to develop himself in different aspects of the entertainment industry, where he worked as a versatile talent.

He started his career as the Face of telecommunications brand MTN, doing commercials, billboards, and other marketing materials, and then worked as the face of the major oil marketer Conoil, doing a very good job in expressing the essence of the brand. Titilope would take his modeling career a step further when he branched into runway modeling. His good looks, height, physique, charisma, work ethic, and professionalism would work in his favor, making him a target for top African designers and making him grace a lot of runways including The St Moritz style awards and Benson & Hedges.

Titilope joined the very popular Nigezie TV, where he learned a lot about production and media in its entirety under the tutelage of VMN boss Femi Aderibigbe “Kwame Naija”. Titilope also worked as a presenter, producer, and resource person with the channel communications department where he acquired the dynamic experience that influenced his vastness in the industry and made him very knowledgeable. In 2009, he became an on-screen sensation when he hosted The Top Ten Countdown Show on Nigezie, of which he would later double as presenter and producer.

He went on to become the Head of Production, a position he held with distinction until he resigned and moved on to become a producer in the reality genre. Titi produced “Glo Naija Sings”, “Nigerian Idols”, “Nigeria’s Got Talent” Seasons 1 and 2, “Football legends Nigeria” and “Tecno Own The Stage” among other remarkable works.

As an entertainer, Titi has gone on to participate in various productions and in different areas of showbiz including movies, TV series, Commercials, Music Videos, and reality shows among others.

Kuti has so far featured in several Nollywood movies and television series, where he worked with top Nollywood stars like Sola Sobowale, Akin Lewis, Jide Kosoko, and other veterans in the industry, which culminated in his being cast to play Ade Tiger in Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys.

He acted in a series called Emerald, was lead in the remake of the 90’s blockbuster sequel, Palace.

He journeyed back to mainstream television when he produced the popular Mnet television series “Hustle”; a project he successfully produced for 3 seasons. He left the show to join Smart Media Production (producers of MTV Suga) as an associate producer for a reality show called Looking for love.

His biggest break on the big screen came when he played the character “Ade Tiger” in Kemi Adetiba’s King of boys, on which he was the support lead character in season 1 and a lead in season 2.

No doubt, despite having practically done it all, Titilope Kuti remains a growing influence with an ever-expanding fan base that has grown at an astronomical rate following his role in KOB.

Titilope Kuti will no doubt continue to be a presence on our screens and also dish out great works from behind the camera, with his range of skills. Having spent decades projecting brands in the public space, Titilope has himself become a firmly established brand with an ever-expanding influence reach in the minds of his raving fans and industry watchers.