January 17, 2022

Tackling our wrong beliefs in money rituals


UNKNOWN to many Nigerians, there is a greater evil silently ravaging the country now than the prevailing insecurity – the killing of innocent people, including family members, for money rituals. Why are cases of this scourge rising every day? How did we get here, and what are the solutions?

Only recently (and it has almost become a daily occurrence), 32-year-old Afeez Olalere confessed to the Lagos State Police Command that his mother encouraged him to kill his younger brother for money rituals. In the confession, Afeez said: “My mother took me to a herbalist who told me if I want to be successful in the ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ (fraud) business I will have to sacrifice one life, and that person must be a sibling to me…. So, we went back home and thought about it. Then my mother suggested that we use my younger brother, since he is just 21years old.”

Afeez also told the police that his mother provided the poison which they put in his younger brother’s food: “He died within 20 minutes after eating the poison. I was the one who cut out the body parts needed. We then wrapped his dead body and headed to the mortuary.”

Afeez and his mother were caught along Itamaga Ikorodu Road, Lagos, on their way to the mortuary.

Similarly, in Enugu, a 52-year-old man is presently in the police net for killing his three little daughters and dumping their bodies inside a deep freezer! What could be more bizarre?

Who should be blamed? Of course, it is our society which harbours the superstitious belief, and communicates it to ignorant youths, that human lives, blood or human organs used in money-making charms or rituals bring unlimited wealth. Nothing can be more absurd and misleading!

With this absurdity deeply entrenched in the minds of our youths, we are in a deeper mess in this country than we realise because the most difficult ailments in the world are those lodged in the human minds. Physical threats are easier to deal with than psychological ones.

That is why Nigeria’s next president can, if he is sincere, make it a priority to root out insecurity in the country within few days. But it is a different ball game with the prevalent money-making ritual evil. How are we going to deal with this psychological monster among our youths?

How could these unimaginable abominations be happening for real in our lands? How could a mother suggest to his son to kill his younger brother for money ritual? Money for what?

Money to build houses and buy cars? What have we gotten ourselves into in this country?

Unfortunately, this is what happens to societies where people’s sources of wealth are not questioned. This is the fate of people who put money above all other values and applaud affluent people with no verifiable means wealth.

Our society is doomed if we fail to do something urgently about our acquired wrong value system.

Vanguard News Nigeria