January 7, 2022

Novena varsity commences law degree programme

Novena varsity commences law degree programme

The Vice-Chancellor of Novena University Ogume, Delta State, Professor Godwin Chukwuenweniwe Nduka has said the institution’s College of Law has commenced the LL.B Degree programme.

HE added that the degree covered Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law, Religious Law and Mixed Legal Systems.

Speaking in Asaba, Professor Nduka said the LL.B Degree programme is expected to contribute to the enrichment and enhancement of legal education and practice in Nigeria.

He said it is designed to provide legal education within the realm of a dynamic socio-political environment that encompasses national and global trends and challenges.

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Professor Nduka  said the main focus of the LL.B Degree programme is to create an environment that encourages intellectual rigour, analytical and critical engagement as well as profound ethical standards.

He said that with respect to the Law courses, the curriculum covers new and modern frontiers crucial to national development.

He listed them to include Environmental Law, Oil, Gas and Energy, International Trade Laws, Information Technology and Communication/Cyber Security and Gender Laws among others.

In 2018, the College of Law was granted approval by the National Universities Commission, NUC, to commence the LL.B Degree programme.

In 2021 the institution was granted approval to commence the LL.B Degree programme.

The College of Law has assembled professors and academic teams to pilot the activities of the College.

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