January 21, 2022

Forex Trading Made Easy with Intelligence Prime Capital

Forex Trading Made Easy with Intelligence Prime Capital

Earn money with IPC BOT Trading live on Metatrader4

Do you trade FOREX?

Do you get loses as a result of emotions while trading?

Would you like to see better results up to 98% win accuracy?

What if you know nothing about forex but interested in making money.

Then search no further.

Intelligence Prime Capital provides you with a BOT that has a 98% to 100% win ratio.

What if you have little or no knowledge about forex but you are interested to have another stream of income. Intelligence prime capital is here for you.

Intelligence prime capital provides opportunity for everyone to earn from daily trades without no special skills. You sleep and wake up to see dollars on your MT4.

It’s too good to be true right? Yes but it is true because instead of one using his hand to select trade at any time, a robot (bot) would fulfill the work for you at the best time to generate profit.

The bot knows the best time to execute trade, that time might be when one is deep asleep, which is inconvenient for someone but bot makes life easy for us.

With the Artificial Intelligence IP capital, you are sure of averaging 8 to 12% return on investment (ROI) weekly. Monday to Fridays.

Intelligence prime capital is a one stop option for you to maximize your earnings while losing no sleep at all.

What is Intelligence Prime Capital

Intelligence Prime Capital is a Fintech Company registered in Canada and regulated by FINTRAC with registration number MSB registration number: M21080237,

We also hold a digital asset management license. In 2021, IPCAPITAL officially launch our global financial products and digital asset trading platform, providing global users with a one-stop diversified financial service platform.

After 5 years of research and development, Intelligence Prime Capital team have developed 3 AI Bots that trades the financial market,

  • The Smart Bot
  • The Brilliant Bot and
  • The Genius Bot.

The Genius Bot which gives the best returns trading the Financial Market. It delivers averagely 1.5 -2% daily on investment.

Our AI analysis trading system, the AIA BOT System works by aggregating market information, transaction volume, and other relevant data to accurately predict market trends.

After several months of testing, the AIA BOT System has achieved an average win rate of 97%, setting a dazzling record.

Now, we are ready to serve individuals and enterprises as they navigate through the challenging financial markets.

What do you gain from using IPC (Broker)

  • IPC has a reliable bot that makes profit for you
  • You avoid losing your hard earned money trading by yourselves
  • It saves you the stress of always checking your trade
  • You set feasible financial goals for the year.
  • They are transparent, customer support including live chat support for you
  • You withdraw your money without hassle

Intelligence Prime Capital is what we need to make our year financially stable. This is not a ponzi scheme is a pure forex Trading.

Influential and famous people are already there on IPC, some are even doing live videos on Facebook so as to encourage us to utilise this great opportunity.

The only way you can say no to this great opportunity is if you are not ready to make money.

One can never progress in life if he keeps on doing same thing same way every year. You need to integrate and accept new opportunities.

Below is just a tip of an iceberg showing daily profit on IPCAPITAL trading bot.

That MT4 account can be yours if you avail yourself this great opportunity.

How Do I Strart Trading Forex on Intelligence Prime Capital?

  1. Register on the link below

  1. Follow the link to create an account and subscribe to the Bot
  2. Fund your MT4 account. If you don’t have an mt4 app download the app.
  3. After registration, contact our team on WhatsApp to join the community of forex traders so that you would learn how to manage your finance.

Guaranteed profits of up 30 to 40% of invested capital return monthly.

Plus you have the flexibility of taking out your investment whenever you want as you control your MT4 trading account.

Sign up now with the link below to start earning dollars from forex.


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