January 5, 2022

Forex expert targets to liberate Africa from poverty

Forex expert targets to liberate Africa from poverty

Olanrewaju Hazeez popularly known as fx.professor is a UK-based entrepreneur and the CEO of Forexlyfe registered in the United Kingdom. Forexlyfe is focused on empowering and most importantly teaching people on how to trade the financial market the right way and the team has produced countless numbers of successful students across Africa.
Tell us about yourself
My name is Olanrewaju Hazeez, I was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, where I completed both primary and secondary education before proceeding to university of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, now known as FUNAAB to study Vet Medicine. I left the university after a year to complete my studies in the UK. Though I studied IT at the University of Greenwich, a part of me knew I would end up as an entrepreneur. Growing up, I watched my mum grew her business from nothing. She was a serial entrepreneur who was never afraid to get down and dirty. She would always take me and my little sister to her farm during the weekends. Her hard work and ethics truly inspired me.
My entrepreneurial journey began about 18 years ago. I would charge friends to play my video game, operated a money lending service, and when I was in boarding school I remember, I would smuggle in contrabands like noodles and sardines. Anyone who attended boarding school knows how those commodities were gold due to lack of accessibility. I would triple my capital at the end of the term, and boast to my mum about my entrepreneurial skills. It was then I realised being an entrepreneur, is second nature to me and also discovered realised it was what I wanted to do. When I got to the UK, I was buying items from china and reselling them on eBay and gumtree and I was making over 600 per cent return on them.
I would describe myself as a very hardworking, ambitious and passionate creature.
How did your forex journey start?
My forex journey started during my pre-degree programme at FUNAAB. There was this guy on campus named Goodness. There was always news about how much money he was making and he was constantly buying multiple cars. Back in 2014, if you own a Honda bull dog, you are a big boy. This guy was really balling and every student wanted to be like him. We eventually found out he was making money from forex trading. I became interested and I attempted to learn how to trade the financial market. Back in 2004, the internet infrastructure in Nigeria was terrible. I was mostly using Multilinks and Starcom dialup modems to gain access to internet but connection was so bad, so I lost interest. Fast forward to when I moved to the UK where I had the luxury of amazing internet connection and a very conducive environment. I was still unable to focus on forex because I was studying. I dare not tell my Father I was lagging behind in school work to learn Forex. We all know when African parents are paying your tuition and all your living expenses, your focus in life are your books and your books alone. They don’t even want to hear any story. Right after I graduated from university, I started teaching myself forex while I was job hunting. Back then I knew any job I had would be temporary. I was looking for a job not a career. When I eventually got a job, I was progressing rapidly, and in about 2 years I became regional facilities manager for a top company in the UK. The responsibilities were too much at that point, and I realised I had gone far so quickly and I couldn’t cope because my social life was gone and I felt like I was too young living that way. I wanted to earn money and also have the luxury of having enough time to spend with loved ones so I thought forex was the best option for me. I decided to quit and focus on forex and drop shipping full time. Forex was paying me more so I decided to quit drop shipping to focus on forex instead
Tell us about forexlyfe
Forexlyfe is a registered company in the UK that is focused on educating people about the financial market. We believe in empowering, teaching people how to trade profitably, and make a career out of it. So far, we have been able to do this successful both in UK, America and across African countries. I am proud to tell you that we have a lot of successful traders today and through forexlyfe, a lot of people have gained financial freedom. Just yesterday, one of my students showed me a trade he took that made him $1700 in less than 24hours, these are real testimonials that I constantly share with my followers on Instagram. My Instagram page is a proof of this, I publish real life success stories. When I started Forexlyfe in 2019, my plan was not to create a forex academy. I was only focused on myself and my trading but because of my passion for forex, I started teaching a lot of people for free. I had a community of over 200 members I was giving free trades advice on a daily basis. I still do till today on my Instagram and on telegram. After about a year, some of my members advised me to make Forexlyfe official because of the value they believe I could offer. I chose the name Forexlyfe because “forex is my life”. I sacrificed everything for it. Today we have thousands of students all over the world and Forexlyfe has grown to be a success. I can proudly say that Forexlyfe has empowered a lot of young Nigerian and most importantly given and giving hope to a lot young Nigerians. The amount of messages I receive from people is so rewarding and heart-warming.

What is the vision for Forexlyfe?
We have a lot of things planned for Forexlyfe. We are currently supporting some of our members with funding. We watch out for hardworking and passionate members, and support them by funding their trading account to help kickstart their career. We absolutely do not have to do this. However, I am Nigerian and I have lived through the experience of struggling in Nigeria without a job and loads of responsibilities. Not just in Nigeria, but in African as a whole. There are a lot of people struggling, and it breaks my heart because we have a lot of talented and ambitious people that are willing to work hard. This is why we support and mentor people the best possible way. In the future, we are planning to officially start a funding programme to cater for everyone both in and outside Forexlyfe, so help me God. In addition, we are also interested in opening a brokerage firm and also setting up a trading floor in Nigeria.

What do you have to say about all the narratives on investment and ponzi schemes going around in forex space?
I am aware of these things and I do not want to blame people for trying to invest. The system is so bad that a lot of young people are trying so hard to earn passively. People have so often become desperate and fall in the hands of wrong people. For some people, it is greed. In forexlyfe, we do not take money from anyone for investment, we don’t do investment. We believe in teaching people how to do trade by themselves. It is very important that people understand they are falling in the hands of wrong people doesn’t not mean trading financial market is bad. A lot of these people doing investments are not even traders themselves. Some get involved and they lose all their money and they say trading financial market is scam, when I say financial market; I am talking about forex, crypto and stock market. People like these lose money because they jumped into something without gaining proper knowledge. Trading the financial market is just like any other business, you need to learn about the business before you invest and have a business plan or else you will get burnt. Same thing with trading the financial market, you need knowledge and your trading plan which is just like your business plan. Failure to get this sorted is setting yourself up to fail.
As an entrepreneur what else are you into?
I believe in having multiple streams of income. Because of my drive and ambition, I have been able to teach myself quite a lot of things which I am benefiting from today. Back to your question, I am also into other things like e commerce and real estate. I am also an investor. I invest in people and start-ups.

What are your socials and how do we contact you?
Instagram: @fx.professor
Youtube: @forexlyfe