December 6, 2021

Quality Representation: What we’ve done so far, Senator Nwaoboshi replies critics


Peter Nwaoboshi


Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District and Chairman Senate Committee on Niger Delta, Senator Peter Onyeluka Nwaoboshi SPON, has hit back at his critics, who accused him of failing to attract significant projects, infrastructures and development to his area.

In a statement signed by Philip Elueme, his Legislative Aide, Senator Nwaoboshi said, it is a historical fact that the only attempt to get a federal higher institution established in Ndokwa land since the return of democracy in 1999 has been the SPON-sponsored bill for the establishment of a Federal Polytechnic at Kwale, which the 8th Senate under Rt. Hon. Dr. Saraki’s leadership passed, hence approved, but the delay and inability of the Federal House of Representatives to concurrently pass the same bill expeditiously with both Chambers transmitting same to the Presidency led to the failure of that attempt. It is obvious that the effort was killed in the House of Representatives with a Ndokwa son fully represented.

The second attempt to establish a Federal University of Agriculture and Technology, FUATA, is another landmark initiative of SPON to give Ndokwa land a Federal high institution. SPON initiated and sponsored this bill in the Senate which has since been passed. The Federal House of Representatives has concurred with this SPON’s initiative bypassing this FUATA Bill which now awaits the President’s assent. How in God’s name can this gold medal representation by SPON against the 16 years record of ‘lukewarmness and insensitivity’ by the Senators of that era to provide for the Ndokwa’s their decades-old yearnings of a higher Institution be tagged as a poor representation of Ndokwa land by SPON as asserted by his political opponents and bribe induced political harlots.

It is on record that the state government has refused to fund the Aboh Polytechnic already approved by Governor Uduaghan’s administration citing lack of funds, yet it established three higher institutions in the state: The Advanced Teachers Institute; the Federal Road Safety Institute and the University of Agbor Campus – all with billions of Naira worth of state of the art landmark buildings with equipment already constructed and delivered.

Yet, painful to most Ndokwa stakeholders is the fact that the state government told the Ndokwa Nation that despite our rich petroleum, gas and electric power plant resources that there is no money to fund the Aboh Polytechnic, as approved by PDP under Governor Uduaghan. It is only an amorally configured political opponent who will sell his conscience against his Ndokwa people because he is presently in the payroll of God-knows-who, and falsely attacked SPON ingloriously for sponsoring a bill, which is successful at the Senate to establish FUATA.

“We make bold to say that there is no constituency project in Ndokwa land,” is another nauseating gibberish and falsehood by political opponents and failed SA in the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC attached to the then Executive Director.

It is a fact that Senator Peter Onyeluka Nwaoboshi (SPON), through the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta constructed as part of his constituency project the imposing Kwale Skill acquisition centre now also furnished by the ministry.

How can some of these political opponents, who front as grassroots politicians are so unmindful of the existence of this project? Most importantly, everyone knows that constituency projects are domiciled in ministries or parastatals. Funds for such projects are not directly or indirectly passed through the Senators.

These critics mischievously and falsely claimed that SPON does not have constituency projects in Ndokwa land. This is a cock and bulls ridiculous lie from the pit of hell. Every knowledgeable and right-thinking Ndokwa man and woman knows about the two years budgeted skill acquisition centre in Kwale.

The first-year budget was for the building structure, while the second year was for the equipment as awarded by the Niger Delta ministry. The other two years valued skill acquisition centre is in the Delta Capital territory.

We had also published here and elsewhere with pictorial proofs the delivery of electricity transformers to many Anioma communities including Ndokwa as another constituency project of SPON.

Again, to recap and reemphasize: who initiated and sponsored the bill at the Senate for the establishment of the Federal University of Agriculture and Technology, FUATA, as reconfirmed or concurred by the Federal House of Representatives: Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, SPON.

It is only a hallucinating, naive political upstart and a court jester political turn-coat like a few of the critics that will posit that a PDP a minority member of the Lower House will have the political clout and votes to pull through the passage of this bill in an APC – majority dominated National Assembly without the dominant influence of SPON ably supported by the Deputy Senate President, Omo Agege.

Only a ‘market woman’ will make this laughable claim knowing that for sixteen years under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) nothing was done to in attracting a Federal higher Institution into Ndokwaland until SPON – sponsored bill in the Senate.

For the records, at the public hearing of FUATA, held in Abuja at the Senate on the 29th of July, 2021, the Ndokwa Neku Union (NNU) President and mouthpiece of Ndokwa Nation referred to SPON as the political ‘Jesus’ of the Ndokwa nation for his selfless initiative in sponsoring the FUATA bill. Ndokwa Nation has spoken, the critics are only ranting!