December 23, 2021

‘How Nigerians can cut down power consumption’

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By Gabriel Olawale

An engineering technology outfit, Vin Global Technologies, has developed home solutions for everyday activities through its automation systemic app.

The new app, called OVO Smart, will integrate household appliances digitally and enable users to easily control all their gadgets on a phone or computer and from anywhere they are in the world.

Speaking on the app, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Onyeka Onwuka, stated that the new app will help people save on electricity consumption.

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Onwuka said: “With OVO Smart, you can control your home and your appliances from anywhere. You can be in your bedroom and turn off your electrical appliances from anywhere in the world.

“The features of OVO Smart is that you have your App that enables you turn on or off, for instance, your water heater. It helps you save energy.”

“Also, in your kitchen, we have our smoke detectors that help you turn on and off your gas.

Once the smoke detector detects a smoke, it sends a signal to your phone; you can then open the App and shutdown your gas from anywhere you are.’’