Oghenekaro Itene

Oghenekaro Itene from Isoko/Urhobo, Delta State Nigeria is an actress, businesswoman and Humanitarian. In 2020 during the heat of the pandemic, she founded The Agnes Fikieme Foundation, in honor of my late mother, Ms Agnes Fikieme Itene, whose mission is to enhance the standard of living in the community and increase its efficiency through advocacy, mentoring and creating access

to basic needs and necessities.

Oghenekaro Itene is currently based in the United States of America and has featured in movies across the globe, some of which are Chase (USA), The Sanctuary (USA) , Lincoln Clan ( South Africa)

Tinsel (Nigeria) , Esohe (Nigeria/ USA), Glasshouse (Mnet), Shattered Mirror (Nigeria),Born Again Sisters (Ghana) among others. She speaks with Potpourri on her life of acting and other issues.

Of all careers in the world, why did you choose acting?

Prior to choosing an acting career; growing up I had the dream of becoming a medical doctor and wanting to teach children. At seven years old I would congregate children who were younger and the same age in my compound under a coconut tree. Under the coconut tree, I would bring with me my black board to teach the children Mathematics, English and other related subjects, including teaching them from my Book of Bible stories, thus transferring the knowledge I had been taught from school and from Kingdom Hall. In my secondary school I started developing my love for the art, I fell in love with literature. In the literature classes I had the ability to explore scene work, as I took part in playing different roles and narrating.

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What sacrifices have you made in your quest to be an actress?

Leaving my area of expertise of Microbiology and Biology education, I went on to pursue my acting career. My parents had plans to send me to London to further my education to become a medical doctor. Given the choices I made to pursue my acting career, I broke the hearts of my parents, as being a medical doctor was a more respected and reputable profession compared to being in the entertainment industry.

What are your unforgettable memories as a woman and an actress?

Through the platform of being an actress, I had the opportunity to create and tell stories. Many fans have stated time and time again how I have made an impact in their lives through the stories I tell on TV and in Film; which is incredibly humbling. As an actress my goal is to tell stories that people all over the world can connect to and to make a positive change.

Which character do you love to interpret, and which do you dread?

I do not have any characters that I have played that I dread. Every character I have played throughout my career has been a great joy. Each character serves an important role/purpose in the TV and Film that I have been blessed to be a part of.

What’s your take on women flaunting their sexuality on social media?

I feel every woman is responsible for their body and should do whatever pleases them

with their body which gives them more confidence, happiness, and fulfillment.

What attracts you to the opposite sex and have you ever made the first move to start

a relationship?

A man’s confidence level is very important to me. I also love a man who works hard, takes charge, is selfless, a humble man of God, and who values family.

Love or money: which works for you and why?

Love works for me, my middle name is love, literally everyone that knows me knows I love unconditionally. Love trumps money, as love is everlasting and money is temporary.

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