December 25, 2021

Dr. Barz Wants To Win Your Heart Through His Music

Dr. Barz Wants To Win Your Heart Through His Music

Dr. Barz has been through a rollercoaster ride coming out successfully from the COVID-19 pandemic last year in Nigeria. He had medical challenges that struck and affected his career, left him perplexed as if he had contracted COVID, he hadn’t but has gone through a series of experiences in the wake of the pandemic. He sounds set to do exploits with his craft.

He has had a fair share of challenges in the creative industry at the time, despite it all, he released a single which should reflect his thoughts and educate his growing cult about the pandemic. The record was titled “Corona Plandemic”, which was his way to express his experiences alongside the fate of the masses at the time, during the pandemic in the world. Dr. Barz was speaking on behalf of the minority through the music.

Currently, Dr. Barz ushers us into the second series of his debut solo extended play first released in 2019 titled, “Something Else EP”. According to Dr. Barz, “Something Else1 is quite different from 2”, He said, “From the kind of songs, the arrangement, the production most especially, it’s a step up”. His current project sees him through a transition where he seeks a clear direction, plus expanding new demography.

He was on the Eastern rapper Illbliss’s most recent joint album with the adept record producer, Illgod, on a genius track titled “Port-Harcourt”, which took a few snapshots about the reality in Port-Harcourt city. Dr. Barz was also spotlighted on Hennessy’s “Very Special Tape” EP Vol.1 which had other prominent Nigerian rap stars like M.I, Vector, and more acts.

Dr. Barz has gained a clear purpose by positively affecting and shaping the lives of listeners with the enlightenment and entertainment of his music. “I want people to realize how we can switch the sounds especially how we are evolving”.

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He said, “Almost all the songs on this new EP are songs recorded earlier this year and the previous year.” Meanwhile, he looks towards channeling a range of his life experiences both with the society and personally through the 5-track body of work which also reflects his artistic growth and transition.

His versatility is much realizable as he added that he has plans to unveil his debut album soonest. His current project and his prospective debut album would connect him into larger music spaces both locally and internationally as it would elevate his fanbase. He hints at me.

According to him, “From the beginning, I have had more male fans, and now I’m evolving and you can witness that right in Something Else 2, I want to expand my female fanbase, even connecting with both the children on the street, the old and the young folks including teenagers. We take the music from the streets to the club and beyond.” He concluded.

Right now, Dr. Barz is not only focused on making music that only the southern part of Nigeria could relate with, he also looks towards making national and international break-out tracks. He is preparing the expression of more thoughts on his debut album which would mirror and relate with everyone in the society as he says.

He looks forward to working with Burna Boy, Sarz, Jamaican Koffee and the American, J.Cole, Wizkid, and Rema. He also has an incoming feature with the “Open House Session” hosted by Burna Boy’s Ex record label Aristokrat, alongside Boomplay coming soon.

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