Delta 2023 politics on Facebook drama
Dr. Tony Nwaka

Tony Nwaka served as commissioner in both Chief James Ibori and Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan administrations in Delta. On December 13, he posted the words below on his Facebook page


Ten years ago, you fought a man in a wrestling competition.

Even though you won the contest, you were unhappy.

You were offended that the man came up as your challenger.

But you later said you’d forgiven him.

For you eventually became his boss.

And to demonstrate your sincerity (for so it seemed),

You invited him into the most sacred corners of your temple.

And for many years you fed him with the choicest foods.

Even your most exotic drinks were at his disposal.

You positioned him as a trusted lieutenant.

The world applauded your vision and magnanimity.

And he took extra steps to serve you loyally and competently.

Now, ten years down the line, you lay an ambush for him.

The same man you told the world you had forgiven.

You now raise an army and resources to bring him down.

Shocked and confused, men of honour run to you and ask,

“Our brother and leader, what is the problem?

Why are you mobilizing these deadly forces against him?”

And you reply, “I have not forgotten or forgiven him,

For what he did against me ten years ago.”

“What!” They yell. “You mean you still hold that grudge?

Then you should have kept him at arm’s length from day one.

Why coddle him all these years in your house,

Only to now unleash your wrath with the hammer of death?”

Unbelievable! Preposterous! Sacrilege! Bizarre! Unspeakable!

The heavens rumble and thunder in indignation.

At such a barbaric display of duplicity and cruelty.

For every Sunday, you move from church to church,

Sitting at the front pew, basking in the air of public esteem, Reading the Bible, preaching forgiveness and reconciliation.

Yet, at the same time, you have dug a pit. The boss digs a pit,

For his subordinate whom he had deceptively pulled closer.

No, this is ungodly. The height of hypocrisy and wickedness.

It erases whatever good works you may have done elsewhere.

Indeed an unforgiving spirit is insatiably destructive.

Let’s put an end to this emerging mania of vicious vengeance.

On December 15, he followed up with the message below, still on his Facebook page

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Of a truth, ‘conscience is an open wound, only the truth can heal it.’ I wonder why a person would come out and indict himself over a general comment in which he, his family or his organization was never mentioned or referenced whatsoever.

A man said that a witch walked past his gate yesterday, therefore people should be on the watch-out because witches are dangerous entities.

Then somebody stands up and says the man must be referring to his mother, even when the man had not mentioned any name, and more than twenty people had walked past that same gate on the said day. How did he know the man was talking about his mother?

A social critic wrote, lamenting that a musician and his team performed in a stadium two months ago but the musician alone pocketed the entire money they made from the ceremony, without giving anything to his team members.

The writer neither specified the name of the musician nor the location of the event. Yet, an architect who is neither a musician, nor did he perform anywhere two months ago, rose up with his boys and began to throw punches at the writer, claiming the writer was talking about them. Is that not ridiculous?

A clear conscience fears no accusation. If you know you have not committed an offence, why should you assume that general open statements are targetted at you?

Even if some people are attaching your name to such philosophical postulations and pointing fingers at you, as far as the original writer never specified your name, occupation, physical attributes or location, you simply ignore all the hullabaloo and move on with your life.

But it is an acknowledgement of guilt to go to war over general philosophical observations that are timeless, and could be applicable to people in China today as much as those in Australia fifty years ago.

Such pedestrian and panicky reactions to innocuous admonitions are embarrassing, ridiculous, and regrettable. It is understandable when men of lesser intellectual and social cultivation revel in such mundanities.

But it shouldn’t be coming from people that are supposed to know better. The Bible says that it is only the guilty that flees when no one is pursuing him.

On December 23, Nwaka captured the drama playing out in Delta. He said his Facebook page and other social media accounts have been hacked. He quickly sent the message below to his friends on WatsApp.


* Ward exco and leaders not consulted before my suspension.

* Ward Chairman changes his story over and over again.

* Ward exco and leaders threaten suspension of ward chairman.

* My social media accounts now hacked. I can’t access them.

Beyond the political vocation, I am a published writer. And as a creator of fictional stories, I occasionally post extracts from my literary works on social media, upon which I engage literature enthusiasts on lively discussions.

It was in line with this tradition that I wrote a poetic satire on my Facebook page on Monday 13 December, 2021 titled “This is Wicked, Sadistic, and Demonic. Stop it Now.” The post was a general advice for humanity to always practise genuine forgiveness and reconciliation.

Strangely, it is upon this post they have anchored my suspension from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), even when the article made no mention of politics, government, location or any individual.

On Wednesday, 15 December, 2021, Mr Patrick Nwandu, Chairman of PDP Ward 2, Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State, signed and issued a letter to me, purportedly at the behest of the executive officers and leaders of the ward, suspending me from the party for one month, and requesting that I face a disciplinary panel to explain the content of the said Facebook post of Monday 13 December, 2021.

But baffling as that was, there were interesting developments in the hours leading up to the suspension. Mr Nwandu, the ward 2 chairman had called me at 6.41pm on Tuesday 14 December, 2021 narrating how he was summoned to the party headquarters in Asaba and instructed to go and place me on suspension over a Facebook post.

An explanation he elaborated some minutes later in our discussion at 6.53pm, and reconfirmed in my house when he came next day to deliver the suspension letter.

Thereafter, as my response went viral, he issued a statement denying that he ever communicated with me to reveal the influences and pressures on him to suspend me. He stated that the party headquarters in Asaba had no hand in the matter, and that it was strictly the decision of my ward; Ward 2.

Now there is a new twist to the unfolding drama. On Wednesday, 22 December, 2021, in Ogwashi-Uku, in a meeting with Mr. Patrick Nwandu, the entire PDP exco members and leaders of Ward 2 said they never authorized him to issue any suspension letter to me, Dr. Tony Nwaka.

In fact, they threatened to suspend Mr. Nwandu himself for falsely claiming that he acted on the directives of the ward 2 executives and leaders. They said the issue was never brought to their attention by the Ward Chairman and, moreover, on reading the said Facebook post they did not see any link it had with politics, government, Delta State or any individual for that matter. None of these was even remotely mentioned in the Facebook post.

Mr Patrick Nwandu apologized to the ward 2 exco and leaders and confessed that he acted on the orders and pressure of “some people” to issue the suspension letter.

He said the same “some people” told him he should claim the suspension was done by the exco and leaders of Ward 2. He however did not disclose the identities of these “some people” that pressured him to do so.

As the meeting got heated up, with angry ward 2 leaders and exco members insisting on suspending the ward chairman for singlehandedly taking such a major decision, and seeing the looming possibility of some disquieting revelations, the elders of the ward pleaded that the meeting should retire into a closed session, to enable a few elderly leaders of the ward to get to the root of the matter.

As at the time of this report, Mr. Nwandu the ward chairman, is yet to disclose the identities of the “some people” who instructed him to unilaterally suspend me from the party, much against the rules and procedures of PDP. Meanwhile, the party headquarters in Asaba says it has no hand in the matter.

Now the question is, Who ordered the illegal suspension of Dr. Tony Nwaka from the PDP, and exerted pressure on his ward chairman to issue the suspension letter on behalf of the ward excos and leaders, without bringing it to their knowledge?

Equally disturbing is that, as I write this piece, my Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin accounts have all been hacked. I can no longer access them. I don’t know the intentions of the hackers.

I appeal to the public to ignore whatever messages that may appear on those pages for now, while we wait with bated breath to see how this exceptionally unusual drama is unfolding.

As I did say in one of my earlier responses, it will be a tragedy of incalculable proportions if the supposed custodians of the people’s mandate become so fearful of the winds blowing in the streets that ordinary fictional constructions now send them into convulsive panic.

Dr. Nwaka, former Education commissioner, author of ‘Mountain of Yesterday’.

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