December 8, 2021

Another milestone as GIGM app integrates bills payment, e-wallet

Another milestone as GIGM app integrates bills payment, e-wallet

GIG Mobility (GIGM), Africa’s largest tech-driven mobility company, has announced the addition of “bills payment & e-wallet” functionality to its GIGM app. The introduction of these new features is consistent with GIGM’s commitment to digital innovation and technology expansion beyond road mobility.

GIGM is dedicated to providing its thronging users with a convenient and hassle-free experience “by delivering easy-to-use and modern mobility products to Africans.

The new app features reinforce this commitment by promoting a daily lifestyle based on “convenience,” allowing users to fund their e-wallet and pay bills in a matter of seconds. This eliminates the need to use multiple apps to carry out daily tasks.

“We will continue to pioneer modern transportation and change the way people travel and live across Africa, one country at a time, steered by our tenets of service, safety, and comfort.

After Marshall’s hierarchy of human needs, convenience and comfort remain top priorities for individuals, and we have positioned ourselves to satisfy these needs by expanding our app features and functionality to enhance daily living. We want to give people the ability to “move” and “do freely” said Enahoro Okhae, GIGM’s newly appointed CEO.

In an age where bank cards and physical tokens for bank transfers are becoming obsolete, the e-wallet feature would allow app users to pay for transactions seamlessly and on the go to book trips, while the bills payment feature would provide an easy way for users to top-up airtime, pay electricity bills, renew cable TV subscriptions, and so much more.

According to Kenneth Nwanganga, GIGM’s Chief Technology Officer, ” The Covid-19 pandemic gave insights to the unimaginable capabilities of technology and it’s application.

The popularity of artificial intelligence, robotics and the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies are all pointers to what the future holds. We are determined to remain one of the dominant players leading the use of technology as all aspects of life become digitised.

Nigerians now have more reasons and opportunities to connect with the GIGM brand, beyond transportation”.

GIGM began transitioning to a technology-first business model a few years ago, and features like this validate the company’s commitment to ease of movement and transactions.

“We are placing the power of tech in the hands of people. These best-in-class features help accelerate GIGM’s focus — transforming how customers view and interact with the transportation and mobility sector in Nigeria and throughout Africa. It will be one of many non-core mobility features that will be deployed in the near future,” Enahoro added. 

“You can now complete multiple transactions with a single tap from wherever you are and whenever you want, without having to switch between apps or remember multiple passwords,” Kenneth concluded.

GIGM is steadfast in its commitment to enriching and improving the lives of Nigerians and Africans by leveraging the benefits of modern technology across diverse service touch – points while providing a seamless customer experience for all.

With a mission to decentralize the mobility space, the appointment of  a new CEO and a new leadership structure, the company is primed to to give users across Africa the freedom to transact, invest, earn and move freely through modern technology, environmental sustainable initiatives and industry leadership.