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  • Urges Buhari to Write his name in gold by Sign the Electoral Act

By Henry Umoru, ABUJA

THE  Action Democratic Party (ADP) yesterday lampooned the ruling  All Progressives Congress (APC) and the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over what it described as moves to reject the provisions of direct primaries and the transmission of results electronically.

The opposition ADP has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to write his name in gold by signing into law, the passed Electoral Act by the National Assembly on Direct primaries and electronic transmission of election results.

Addressing Journalists yesterday in Abuja, while inaugurating a national Convention Committee, ADP National Chairman, Engr. Yusuf Yabagi Sani said the “forthcoming congresses of the party will be held using direct primaries to teach the so-called big parties a lesson.”

He said, “Unless for people who are finding it difficult to discard the old systems that confer on them the latitudes to manipulate elections through rigging and denying the electorates their fundamental rights of choosing those that emerge as their political leaders, the Direct Primary Elections and the Electronic Transmission of election results should be regarded as an effective panacea to the myriad of crises that have plagued and retarded the conduct of free and fair elections in Nigeria.

“Therefore, the ADP is hereby reiterating its repeated and vociferous demand that the reforms encapsulated in the amendment Bill by the National Assembly and now before the President for assent must be made to see the light of day. in alliance with all progressive and patriotic Nigerians and groups desirous of entrenching the roots of democracy in the country, the Action Democratic Party will embark on a sustained campaign against all the retrogressive elements that want to take us back in the march towards having a genuine representative system of government in Nigerian.

“On the above note, the ADP is calling on President Mohammed Buhari to strive to imprint his name in goal in the annals of Nigerian political and democracy progression. Mr President must defy and resist the machinations, manipulation and obfuscation of the hawks who masquerading as its Aides are, in actuality, his enemies who do not sincerely wish him well. Be must go beyond those that have been obstructing his perception of the true picture and pulse of the nation for him to realize how popular the electoral amendment bill is among the Nigerian citizens.

“It will be a sad commentary on his administration and himself if he succumbs to the groundswell of his party men now working to dissuade him from assenting to the bill. 

Related to the above the ADP wishes to once again salute the two chambers of the National Assembly for the courage and patriotism they demonstrated in the making of the bill. We wish to assure them that history will reckon with Ninth National Assembly as composing of a rare set of patriotic Nigerian lawmakers who elevated superior national interest above narrow patrician and short term considerations. But even more significantly the ADP once again is extolling the present crop of the leadership of the Independent National Electoral Commission for having defied palpable and orchestrated intimation and blackmail in the course of you making of the revolutionary, groundbreaking reforms in the conduct of the nation’s election. 

“The latest in the sad, amazing drama of the absurd by that intent on subverting the popular and progressing bill from materializing, is the reference of the bill to the INEC for its comment or input.ADP is hereby calling on Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu and his team to resist what is clearly the last attempt at blackmailing INEC to submission.”

According to Sani, at the end of the committee’s assignment which is expected to usher in a vibrant new national executive member and leaders at the state and local government levels, the ADP would have made another powerful statement projecting it as a truly democratic party that upholds and sticks to the tenets of democracy.

“The inauguration of the national convention planning committee of our great party marks another milestone in the history of the party. It is a milestone because it is the last of the non-elective convention as well as the convention that will put in place leaders that will conduct affairs of our political party on the eve and into the crucial 2023 general elections. Consequently and in cognizance of the immense responsibilities the committee is expected to accomplish, the national leadership of the party has painstakingly ensured that members consist of people of integrity, demonstrated commitment and loyalty to the party. I am therefore very confident that we will be getting the desired goals at the end of the day.

“The task before include supervising the conduct of congresses of non-elective congresses from the polling unit through wards local government area, senatorial district, state and zonal, non – elective. Culminating in the national convention.  The committee will work within the frame of the guidelines prepared to ensure compliance with ADP constitutions, the electoral act 2010 as amended and the INEC regulations and guidelines for the conduct of political party congresses and national conventions.

“With don’t expect but we cannot, however, rule out incidents of disagreement amongst members of the committee but, any aggrieved member has been giving the latitude to seek redress before the national executive council, the national working committee, and the board of Trustee and the foundation council.

“May I draw attention to the fact that the decision of the national working committee shall be final on cases of non-lingering dispute in relation to who becomes and the executive member of the party at all strata of the party structures. I am sure that as a tested and grounded party member each and every one of the committee is conversant with other details regarding conflict resolutions in our party.  

“May I also draw attention to the fight that the conduct of the congresses and convention shall be held by direct primaries in which all card-carrying members of the party at all levels shall participate through the open secret ballot or, at may otherwise be specified by the NWC and rectified at the national convention. Also, the party executives at all levels shall be rectified at the national convention. 

“At the end of the committee’s assignment which is expected to usher in a vibrant new national executive member and leaders at the state and local government levels, the ADP would have made another powerful statement projecting it as a truly Democratic Party that upholds and sticks to the tenets of democracy. For instance, while the other parties especially, the so-called big parties, are afraid and have been protesting the inclusion of electronic transmission of election results and the mandatory direct primary elections by the political parties in the internal mechanism of selecting their flag bearers, the ADP, on the other hand, has been celebrating what to us are progressive and revolutionary innovations in the nation’s electoral process.

“We in the ADP we regard the 2023 general elections as a watershed in the nation’s political history, a turning point away from the decadence that has characterized all previous elections because we can see the clamour of Nigerians, from the East to the west, the North to the south, for a change. The people are clearly fed up with the poor quality of governance, lack of vision, debauchery, corruption, outright and heartless looting of the treasury which have the cumulative effect of the present unprecedented poverty, frightening insecurity, despondency and social dislocation across the entire national landscape.  the citizens, if given unfettered freedom to elect their leaders, the marauders, the pirates and the buccaneers that are been and unleashing sorrow and death in the garbs of leaders with simply be shoved into the cesspool of the despicable felons that they are. 

“For a party that has consistently come third in all elections between 2019 and today, the Action Democratic Party has all the potential of being embraced by the electorate as the credible alternative. What is more, the tumultuous number of people flocking to register as members of our party is a further indication of the increasing popularity and broad-spectrum acceptance of our great party. it is therefore incumbent on the leadership and general members of our party to build on the rising to greater heights and ultimate victory.”

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