A high-tech firm, Torilo Group has launched a new app called Bizedge app, created to help small and medium scale enterprises in the country. The app, an all in one encompassing, is a highly digitally managed data base platform that will oversee some cumbersome-like services hindering ease of doing business experienced in the country.

The app which was unveiled recently by the Bizedge team, a group of young Nigerians, attracted attention from numerous business men and women who were at the Marriot Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos to witness the demonstration of the high quality service delivery app by the team.

Speaking at the event, the five member executives of the firm led by Oluwaseun Farinre, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm explained at the event, how the app works. According to him Bizedge, established some years ago in United Kingdom is a subsidiary of Torilo Group of companies.

“We are here to experience the launch of Bizedge, an all in one tool for micro and small scale businesses including a one man enterprise. Bizedge is an app created basically to focus on Human Resources (HR), Accounting, Payroll, and Assets management services of business in the country. Most of these tools are already in existence but they are either unreachable by our local business operators or they are quite expensive,” explained Farinre.

He noted that the goal of Bizedge is to bring all the aforementioned solutions into one app so that they can interact and also make it affordable for those categories of business.

“Our target really is for freelancers, small scale and medium scale businesses. This does not eliminate the fact that we are out there for enterprise. However, our goal is to help this group of people overcome such challenges of ease of doing business with such solution. Bigger companies can afford it but our primary target is the lesser categories,” Farinre added.

Explaining further, he said, “Bizedge started as an idea two years ago, but was established as a company in 2020. That was when it got its name and direction fully.

Bizedge is a product of Torilo. The idea came about by some of our team in the United Kingdom when they visited home and noticed that there are huge gaps in the ease of doing business especially by the low level enterprises which is not really the same with counterparts in the UK and other countries of the world.

 “Some of the major gaps were experienced in the School management system, Hospitals, Hotels among others. This however, informed the establishment of the app which is meant to help this industries navigate out of cumbersome in-house service delivery as mentioned above.  The app is affordable. With a sum as low as N1, 000 as a base subscription charge, including N500 in addition to every single employee, your business is good to go,” Farinre said.

Also speaking, Joe Odunayo, Senior Partner with Torilo explained that the app works perfectly well under some security measures. According to him, security is one major thing that is paramount to the company “because we, at the Torilo Group are very much concerned with security and protection of the app as a data based company,” remarked Odunayo.

 “When we started, we had some companies that we actually managed and secure their data bases. They are international companies around the world. One of things that kept us close to them is our reputation. We still maintain our clients till date. In terms of technical know-how in our team, we have best hands with highest level of technical expertise around security.

“We maintain consistently in terms of new digital threats and also ensure that we are up to date in the case of an unprecedented gap. We have a digital security officer as a watchdog whose primary role is to ensure of security compliance. He works with the engineering and product team to ensure we develop apps in the most secured way.

Explaining further, Odunayo said, “Obviously, I cannot divulge all our technical tools for security reasons but in terms of policies and processes, we have a very solid team and our reputations speaks. 

However, being mindful of vulnerability which occurs for various reasons, what we do is for every member of our team to undergo serious security and background checks to ensure that all our digital bases are secured. We also created means of multiple checks by different departments to ensure delivery of software on the highest level of international standard.”

“Talking about feedback on the success of our app, it came in the way of simplicity, reliability and performance, as quoted by some of our clients. This is also coupled with the fact that our team is reachable under two minutes.  We have a chat platform within the app that users can access to get support. One thing is to build an app and another thing is quality of service delivery. So far, feedbacks we have gotten is commendable,” he said.

Speaking about way forward for Bizedge, Odunayo explained that the company’s initial aim is to create massive awareness in Nigeria as a foundational base and thereafter, explore other West Africa countries and beyond. 

“We are not limiting ourselves to local market alone. Irrespective of the expansiveness as our goal, we want to establish the fact that BIzedge is a product from Nigeria by Nigerian youths for the world. For competition in this sector, we will be glad to measure our standard with such. Competition is healthy in business. 

If we have competitors, it will keep us on our toes and do not make us feel relaxed. In any economy of one supplier, it becomes a monopoly that attracts complacency. We believe people will come with such idea but one thing you can’t take from us is world class talent and devoted team,” Odunayo concludes.

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