By Agbonkhese Oboh

Reactions have continued since the submission of a report on the #EndSARS protests that culminated in the shootings at Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020.

The Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and Other Matters (Lagos EndSARS Panel) submitted its findings to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu yesterday, Monday.

The report declared the incident a massacre. Read it HERE.

Some reactions, especially the ones from key members of the protests, are worth reproducing:

They made us doubt our sanity — Falz

Falz (Folarin Falana): “These animals legit made us doubt our sanity about the Lagos massacre, you know.

“Something that we watched on Instagram live.

“Anyway the panel report is out now and it is clear as day.

“Just in case you thought we would back down at some point. That has never been & will never be an option.

“ALL these recommendations must be implemented fully!!

“The least that these innocent souls deserve is JUSTICE!”

On 20.10.20 my life changed — DJ Switch

DJ Switch’s (Obianuju Catherine Udeh) live streaming of that night’s event was pivotal to the perception of events. Watch one of the videos HERE.

“On this day, last year 20.10.20 (referring to a video of her singing with the protesters at Lekki Tollgate) we were filled with hopes that young Nigerians took a solid stand.

“Through all the government’s antics, lies, counter protesters and thugs that were sent to attack us… we stood our ground!

“When the Nigerian government exhausted all their poorly planned tactics, they unleashed nothing short of EVIL on its citizens.

“I’ve not been able to talk today… and I cannot imagine what others who had it worse, feel!

“I am so proud of our young generation of leaders and our celebrities that have shown great leadership.

“I also must say, it is not a one-day affair… this is a fight for the very fabric of our nation!

“My life changed on this day… for worse! But, I also believe it changed for good! I now know what it means to need something so bad… and that need for me is a better Nigeria!

“To the youths who risked it all today in order to remember 20.10.20, are in every bit Superman/Superwoman!

“Thanks to @davido for an anthem to remember!”

The truth is the EndSARS movement — Mr. Macaroni

For Mr. Macaroni (Debo Adedayo): “Those that have been speaking the truth since 20/10/20 are still saying the same thing till this very day.

“Go and check the statements of government reps or their supporters. It’s from one lie to the other. Now they are fighting themselves.

“Everlasting confusion for the wicked.

“The same panel that the government set up has presented their findings.

“Except you people don’t have faith in your own judicial system.

“Since last year, we have seen numerous gaslighting and lies!

“The truth always prevails and that truth is the #EndSARS Movement.”

Why another panel — Timi Dakolo

“They wanna set up another panel to panel the other panel’s findings.”

Will you now unban Twitter and ban yourself— Ruggedman

“Now that the truth of what we already know about the Lekki Tollgate Massacre has been revealed, will you now unban Twitter and ban yourself?”

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