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November 8, 2021

Our Bishop is an Atheist: A Review



Author: Gbenro Olajuyigbe                                                      

It is important to be clear from the onset! Our Bishop is an Atheist & Other Stories has neither remote connection with religion nor tangential relation with Episcopal illustrations. If suggestive words were used, they are mere coincidence whose nodal junction was facilitated by metaphoric expressions of issues of concern that the author chose to push with dialectical contradictions in a world of jaded face personalities who have the misery of fortune in displaying raw power, irresponsibly.

 It is a caption for the discovery of the duplicitous nature of human agents as well as a reflection and confession of detected deception of trust fraudsters.

The books paint the picture of a world created for pleasure but now in the hands of people whose pens of conscience have run dry of ink of kindness. Rivers of care are running dry on daily basis.

Our Bishop is an Atheist is an allegory of righteous sermon brewed in cruel heart, duplicitous character of callous demagogue whose Acts are demagnetized from their words.

It is an imagery expression of reality about how crude powerful predators weaponized culture and rustic authority and turned them into tools for torture and repression. It is about how people of power often behave thinking their degree of glory depend on the quantum of humiliation others suffered or are prepared to bear!

Its first chapter is a travelogue on a torturous journey to the habitat of lookalike homo Erectus; ancient in candour, toxic in character, at least to strangers – a befitting reminiscence of unbelievable cult culture and the unsparing rod of callous injustice! The memory of Monsters and its other chapters, aside from being different stories, significantly like chapter one, captured the monstrosity that characterized governance in the book’s space of contexts, particularly under military rules and civilian regimes of tyranny.

The book is a record of the tragic history of power and position written with the decency of truth and compassion for reader- friendliness. It is a carefully written testimonial of the inhumanity of man to man and affirmation of capacity for collective cruelty by the powerful atomic custodians of traditional powers. It is a summary of the anachronistic reinvention of the dark ages’ atrocities in the era of light and sight.

We are fed already with the bread of hatred and hardly can we find anyone again with a hunger for love. Our investment in cruelty is boisterously bearing sour fruits and we have in our kitty bumper harvest of hate and hurt; unmatchable profit that was never achieved by even the shrewdest among the jet-age business moguls.

Like a monstrous beast, we fashion with our fists and rule with our might. Our gown of hypocrisy flies on the air like a dangling parachute. We say what we do not practice and practice what we do not say. There is a riot between our words and action. Our world has become a ghastly incubator where rotten eggs of evil are hatched.

We are scorpions that sting our own species; vipers that hoard red blood and spit out white saliva. We are dwellers of cult culture and even our tender mercy has become cruel. Our Bishop is an Atheist and other short stories is a book on our collective infamy, a collection of stories of the infernal cult culture of hate, oppression and injustice practised by privileged powerful manors of anger, who built shrines for evil practice and sanctuary for beasts that pant after vainglory at expense of common humanity

Safe for Ruka, a pleasant character with a character of care and love in a story in the book, the rustic bared villagers would have been taken as predating homoerectus with disdain for civility and humanity. As hard as one would have loved to judge them, we must spare thoughts for the exception.

Gloomy enough? There are stars in the sky. Remember Ruka!

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