November 15, 2021

Nigeria seeks more collaborations with China for mutual benefit


Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) has sought more collaboration with the Communist Party of China for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Mr John Akpanudoedehe, National Secretary, Caretaker Committee of the APC, said this on Monday, at a meeting between the two political parties in Abuja.

According to him, as a ruling party APC hopes to see great collaboration between Nigeria and the government of China in enterprise development.

“We are seeking for more collaborations in development projects that will bring a better future for our people, especially in our infrastructure.

“Electricity is one of the most important infrastructures all over the world and one of the needed ones in Nigeria.

“China has the technology for solar power, pharmaceutical development and it has industrial and electrical appliances which Nigeria has benefited from.

“We also believe that there should be some form of programme for technology transfer that will teach Nigeria how to maximise technology.

“There should also be exchange programmes between the universities of our different countries for mutual benefit,” Akpanudoedehe said.

In his remarks, Cui Jianchun, the Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China to Nigeria, said the Communist part of China (CPC) was ready to collaborate with Nigeria’s All Progressive Party (APC) to deepen relations.

According to him, after the COVID-19, there are three sectors to deepen relations between the two country and parties; Salt exchange, Human Resources and Security.

“I do believe that we need strategies to drive the two relations forward. Salt exchange is very important because salt generates power.

“Nigeria has abundance of Human Resources so we can let the young people to take lead to develop the country.

“Nigeria, I have full confidence that, in the coming years, even if we have difficulties, we can still let the young people play a major role to build relations between the two countries.

“One of my requests is that I hope that, after COVID-19, the Nigeria side and the leadership of APC will send delegations to China specifically targeting poverty reduction,” he said.

According to him, as you know, this year, the Chinese President declared to the international community that we have accomplished the eradication of extreme poverty.

“So, we believe that, here, we have the capability.

“Nigeria I do believe that, by the year 2030, we can work together to realise your dream to eradicate extreme poverty.

“I also believe that Nigeria should and will be the agent of transforming the economy in the whole African continent and play a major role in the coming years in the international community,” he said.

According to him, China has a lot of policy programmes it will like to share with Nigeria.

“I will like to mention, we can build a secured society; the Chinese and its CPC leadership have achieved this.

“So, I believe that we can share the experience in the coming years; how we can build a secured society.

“So, these three sectors, I hope I get the support from CPC,” Cui said.