November 9, 2021

Many thespians refuse change – Filmmaker

Many thespians refuse change – Filmmaker

By Elizabeth Osayande

James Omokwe is the founder of Feemo and a Nigerian film producer popularly celebrated for his brilliance bringing to life the Africa magic period dramas – ‘Ajoche’ and ‘Riona’.

Having worked with actors over the years and with him also transitioning from acting to producing , James believes that many thespians refuse to be dynamic and adapt to new realities which they see as obstacles rather than opportunities.

During the recently concluded ‘Production Meeting’; a quarterly event he organizes to mentor and give insights to young and upcoming actors in Nigeria, James urged attendees to allow themselves to become more by growing within the ranks.

If acting gigs don’t come, they should try their hands on other roles as crew, for instance – production, editing, directing , etc rather than hold on to their “actors ego” – ‘I am an actor and acting is all I do!’

“For me it was TV and even after TV,  there were other places that I went to.From the beginning, 2010  I started out as I am going to die on this film directing, changed my career somewhere along the line, not necessarily my career but my career path for different reasons.

First reason was that it wasn’t working and I needed to come out and look through another perspective or do the same thing I am doing from another angle.

“However, working with television,I am happier and more fulfilled because I am doing exactly the things that I wanted do- tell stories, living my dream and also making money from it’’, he said.