November 8, 2021

Fun facts about Gray Tiger

Fun facts about Gray Tiger

Gray Tiger is a Lagos-based music artist who has been noticed by fans to be on the rising glide to fame since he started his music career in 2020. The entertainer, who is said to be on a mission to change everyone’s understanding of Afro-inspired fusion, seems to be full of vigour and passion for the evergreen Afro genre of music.

Now, here are the fun facts about him that everyone seems not to know:

 Previous Career : Who would have thought that the same entertainer who is so passionate about music once had a career as an event planner?

Gray Tiger, when asked in an interview about the life-changing moment he decided to begin his career as an entertainer, said “Music is a part of who I am, I don’t call myself a musician, I don’t plan to be a musician, I just am”

The above statement given was a perfect response, revealing to everyone that music had always been a part of him, seeing that he finally followed the path.

On his style of music: The music Gray produces has an irresistible uniqueness to them. His sound is a fusion of international and Nigerian vibes which can be easily enjoyed by people of all ages.

On stage, the choreography, and effects that accompany his entrance are factors and strengths that reveal to his audience that Gray would make a great musician.

However, when asked why his sound seems so unique, he had attributed it to his creative process of expressing exactly how he feels when producing his music, making his sounds much more relatable.  

Previous Work: Even in the short time, Gray has managed to release quite a couple of songs including Fun Tonight, Flexxin, and That’s it (which is an instrumental).

What is more interesting is his collaboration with other music artists like Stunt O, Spanky, and Milli X.

He, also, has always been involved in an annual event (called “Gray Control”) organized by the company he works for. Insinuating that he never stopped planning events; his passion for music apparently took precedence over it.

 Source of Inspiration: Unlike other folks who claim to be self-taught in music, Gray acknowledged his team spirit by agreeing to the fact that he works with a team.

Moreso, Gray specifically mentioned Wizkid, Lagbaja, and Bright Chimeze among many other icons he looks up to as a source of inspiration. It’s no wonder why his sounds are so unique.

Hobbies And Interests: Besides Gray’s enthusiasm for music and his knack for event planning, he seems to have other interests outside music. These hobbies involve flying planes, jet ski riding, and also video games, all revealing that he is nothing like a boring entertainer.

Future Projects: Gray has hinted to everyone that he plans to make more music and also would be actively involved in organizing more bespoke events.

Presently, he is in the process of producing another track called “Colours” and also organizing a fitness event. Revealing to everyone that he can successfully balance both.

All of these facts reveal that Gray Tiger is indeed on his way to becoming a music celebrity.