November 5, 2021

De’el Woods, the mastermind behind ‘better than amazing records’

De’el Woods, the mastermind behind ‘better than amazing records’

The mastermind behind Better Than Amazing Records, De’el Woods, was not always planning to enter the music industry. In fact, he was just a simple hard working fellow who practiced network marketing for 12 years. 

De’el Woods embarked on his entrepreneurial journey long before he set his record label. His first business was not a part of the music industry as it was all about teaching people how to trade forex so that they could achieve financial freedom. De’el specifically wanted to do this because he knew the feeling of helplessness which was caused by financial worries. 

While in high school, De’el spent most of his free time working at 5 different jobs throughout his years there along with selling clothes out of the trunk of his car for some extra cash. Even after graduating, he didn’t earn a stable income and as a result, at one point he had to donate plasma for gas money and food. Thus, De’el knew the importance of investing which urged him to become a high frequency forex trader. Through his business, De’el pioneered the largest movement of college students that would go around the world introducing other students to the world of forex. 

With a successful business, the smart and high spirited started looking for opportunities where he could help more people around him. Therefore when De’el saw his two cousins struggling in the music industry for a combined 25 years, he strived to help them. As a result, Better Than Amazing Records finally came to life. 

Through his record label, De’el not only wanted the world to know the amazing voice and creativity of these talented musicians but also wanted to add value to their work. He wanted to assist these musicians in exploring their talents by providing them with proper equipment, studio time, and a marketing facility. Thus, De’el worked tirelessly as the owner and writer of his record label to uplift the work and energy of all his artists. 

Currently, Better Than Amazing Records is working to push the artist, M.Y.A.I, whose popular songs are Classic and You A King ft. Brother Ben X. De’el hopes that in the future his record label can help many other artists with not only an opportunity but also with the financial freedom that he himself struggled to achieve.