Restructuring'll end bad leadership in Nigeria — Arewa youths
Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF)

The Arewa Youth Alliance has commended the foresight of the 9th assembly as they are on the verge of making history, laying the foundations for a more solid, free, and laudable democracy in Nigeria.

No doubt, the Electoral bill will set a new pace in the history of our democracy as a nation, particularly section 87 that seeks for the deletion of indirect primaries and substituting it with the direct primaries.

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The Coordinator of Arewa Youth Alliance Bello Lawan Bello
made this known yesterday while nothing that then direct primaries is a process in which members of a Political Party choose its candidates by direct voting. The direct primaries have a lot of advantages and as compelling as they can be to motivate any political party and a country to adopt it.

” Charity begins at home” is largely explained and even expressed better because, the Direct Primary is the home that will produce credible, competent, honest, and active leaders that will end up becoming good ambassadors of their community and the nation at large. It is the root and sole determinant of the success or otherwise, the failure of our electoral system and democracy by extension.

“For evolvement, because people have evolved from been myopic thinkers politically to giant, more knowledgeable and cautious & golden transformation of Nigeria’s democracy, Direct Primary is a necessary tool that is central to ensuring free fair and credible elections as the direct voting allows for selection of most preferred candidate at the party level by the electorates.

“Some of the most pronounced problems before us today that of religious, ethnic and to some extent even the so-called marginalisation of certain groups emanates from getting it wrong during the primaries. It is at that early level that the majority of the electorates will feel betrayed and bitter for the right person not elected, and that wrong choice will, in turn, produce wrong leaders. Direct primaries give no room for Godfatherism and Nepotism since party delegates are not installed but direct voting of candidates is involved.

“The creation of more jobs is another economic advantage of the Direct Primaries. The INEC will have to employ more ad-hoc staff and the security agencies too in other to adequately man up the process, this will reduce the rate of unemployment and that of crimes since there is a strong nexus between unemployment and crimes in the country.

“We called on President Muhammadu Buhari with all sense of humility and in the spirit of uniting this country to please assent to the electoral bill in the shortest time possible.

“It’s imperative for President Buhari’s administration to understand that the masses have not only spoken but have chosen and stuck by their choice, their yearnings and cries for a free electoral system that will guarantee the sustenance and flourishing of elections and democracy in Nigeria is the Direct Primaries.

“We, therefore, want to emphasize the need for Mr. President to not only sign this electoral bill but give it the necessary support and create an enabling atmosphere for such important bill to thrive independently for the benefit of the entire citizens of this country”

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