Nigerian lawyer, Anthony Agbasiere have urged the Anambra State governor-elect, Charles Chukwuma Soludo to reconcile all warring and aggrieved parties in the state.

*‘…and use your goodwill with Presidency to secure Nnamdi Kalu’s release’

By Elizabeth Osayande

Nigerian lawyer, Anthony Agbasiere have urged the Anambra State governor-elect, Charles Chukwuma Soludo to reconcile all warring and aggrieved parties in the state.

In a statememt entitled: “A war won by unknown warrior,” the barrister congratulated the governor-elect, while stressing some issues he would love him to pay attention in his administration.

The lawyer who is the principal Partner of the law firm, Anthonio Lex Firma and CEO of Sierra Foundation, hoped that with this new leadership, there could be some changes and improvements with the situation of the state.

Agbasiere also referred to as the Celebrity Lawyer, thanked all the stakeholders — President Muhammadu Buhari; the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the people of Anambra and the incumbent governor, Mr. Willie Obiano and All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA— that contributed to the success of the election in Anambra state.

The letter read: “To our able and amiable governor-elect, Professor Charles Soludo aka Charlie Nwa Mgbafor, the divine sojourn has just begun.

“An era unfolds the brand new before us, one which has been entrusted to you to steer the ship of its affairs to our collective desired destination.

“Our minds are at peace and our hopes stand high because once again the compass that directs our sail is held by the chosen competent captain.

“Without holding back words, I would like you to know that the unanimity in your election is not based on your preference as a candidate over your competitors but because of the peoples strong belief that this APGA  is our own and no one would take from us that which belongs to us.

“Irrespective of our differences, desires and visions, our people didn’t loose sight of the fact that the anger between brothers doesn’t go beyond the flesh and our name, APGA, which is synonymous with Igbo, was not lost (Afamefuna).

“It is not far from the fact that APGA has a history that has to do with the marginalization of our people in Nigeria.

“So, it is safe to say that each vote for APGA represents that voice of Igbo men or women who are yearning for justice, equity, and fairness in Nigeria.

“This is a vote calling for a fair trial of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu which we know that you have a good relationship with the presidency.

“Heavens will not fall if the Presidency who has already promised to work with you,  releases Nnamdi Kanu to you.

“Charlie Nwa Mgbafor my governor-elect, there is a myriad of taxes placed on our people and these taxes have saddled on us a huge burden which has not only left so many of our s also left many businesses nose-diving.

“How do you expect someone or a business owner to pay personal income tax, company tax, electricity bill, business premises, signage, Environmental, ASWAMA, security, fire service et al and still take care of his/her personal responsibilities? We voted for you to look into this.

“Sir, the extortion of our market men and women, motorists, keke and okada riders by motor park agents (Agbero), police people and other uniform men/women is also part of the reasons why we voted you to address it squarely.

“His Excellency, the issue of unemployment and underemployment among the youths in this country is no news to you and Anambra youths are not left out. 

“Many of our youths have resorted to the negative development of individual talents to make ends meet. 

“The problem of unemployment and underemployment among the youths can be easily tackled by building companies and creating industries where this large number of youths of different levels of qualification can be employed or find themselves employed from the opportunities the existences of these industries would create.

“Also, investing in entertainment which happens to provide a glimpse of hope for so many talented Anambra youths would not only reduce the issue of unemployment but would project the state further ahead on the social ladder.

“The erection of companies and industries, and also investing in entertainment will help to create a whole new array of business ideas and also boost existing businesses in Anambra state and among the youths emphatically.

“Investing enormously in sports which is most underrated yet one of the most lucrative businesses in the world would be a wise way to go.

“It will not be bad if your administration erects a stadium that houses diverse sports facilities, equipment, and infrastructures.

“This will not only be a landmark achievement as there has never been any in existence but will create employment, encourage talent development and wealth.

 “Every Anambra youth deserves a fair chance for a favourable competition. Let the best person emerge!     

“The civil service should be a pride and not a scourging journey. Akpokuodike has done nobly in this area but you can do better. No civil servant should be left out in this divine mandate.

“Head-achig issues of pensions and gratuities should be a thing of the past in your reign because we collectively believe that we have a man who has what it takes to see the silver lining behind the dark cloud.

“Many retirees from Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University came to me and were complaining that over 10 years of their retirement, they have not received their gratuities/pensions.

“I told them to defy the security challenges and go and vote for Soludo that he is the solution and they did. Please, do not disappoint them!

“Sir, health they say is wealth, and knowledge is power. But this wealth is definitely far from us when we are unable to boast of good hospitals, credible pharmaceutical companies, and well-trained healthcare professionals. 

“The power obtainable from education will only remain a wild goose chase if we cant boast of a standardised public education for the average and below-average members of our society.

“Our development is dependent on how much we carry the masses along. In view of that, I urge the Soludo-led government to invest in building and equipping standard health and Educational facilities like good public schools with an innovative curriculum, standard hospitals, colleges of nursing, and government-owned and monitored pharmaceutical companies. And this establishment should be made accessible to the masses in the best possible ways.

“Our development is in most cases hindered as a result of poor accessibility into the various parts of Anambra.

“This is as a result of bad and non-navigable roads. Anambra state cannot be the light of the nation, yet rent candles to light up its own very home.

“Investors and business developers want profitable and good sites for establishments, and one of the most important attributes of these sites is accessible roads.

“In the light of this, the Soludo-led government has so much to do in extending accessibility into the various parts of Anambra and also standardising and maintaining already existing roads; especially those within the capital city of Awka.

“At this juncture, I wish to let you know that this victory/war was won by many warriors in the villages you do not know. They defied the security threats and turned down juicy offers and then voted for you so that they will enjoy the dividends of democracy.

“Prof., there ips no other better way these unknown warriors will be known to you or appreciated than by conducting peaceful, free, and fair local government elections in the state.

“Conclusively, I am convinced and optimistic that your government will run an all-inclusive government where the best brains regardless of the persons religious belief, political affiliation, and others will occupy appropriate positions for the common goal and will of the beautiful people of Anambra State and to the glory of God.

“I hereby enjoin all my beloved Anambra State men and women of goodwill to support Soludo to succeed so that Anambra will not only be the light of the nation but a home for all, the Dubai of Africa.”

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