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November 29, 2021

2-year-old Adejuwon makes history with debut solo exhibition

2-year-old Adejuwon makes history with debut solo exhibition

…donates proceeds to children in LUTH

By Prisca Sam-Duru

With his forthcoming debut solo art exhibition, Oluwadarimisire Adejuwon Adewale joins the league of world youngest artists at age two.

Adejuwon’s solo art exhibition titled, ‘Table to Tablet: Symphonies From My HeART’, features 40 digital arts selected from his over 70 art pieces. The exhibition comes up on December 5th, 2021 at 5:00pm WAT at KUNSTMATRIX 3D Virtual Art Gallery Space.

 Art lovers from around the globe are expected to join the little artist via zoom during the exhibition opening on December 5th, which is also the day to celebrate his 2nd birthday as well as first solo art show.

‘Table to Tablet: Symphonies From My HeART’, is curated by Art Consultant with the British Council, Nigeria, Oyindamola Fakeye who is also Director for Center for Contemporary Arts and; Kunle Adewale, Founder, Arts in Medicine Projects. The Art Exhibition is supported by the Society of Child Artists, Nigeria and Arts in Medicine Projects.

Oluwadarimisire Adejuwon Adewale was born on December 5, 2019 to the family of Mr. and Mrs Adewale. The father is a Nigerian international artist and the mother, an entrepreneur. Adejuwon no doubt is walking in his father’s footsteps already but the fascinating news is that he’s starting early. Right from when he was a week old, he began responding and, positively reacting to artistic presence around him. The soon to be 2-year-old artist who is fascinated by colours and music, started scribbling with pens and wax crayons on tables, sketchpads, walls, floors and sheet of paper when he was 15 months old. This act persisted and rather than view it as an act of disturbance by his son, Kunle introduced Adejuwon to digital arts and taught him how to use applications on the iPad. Today, the little talent boasts of over 70 art works in his portfolio out of which he will be exhibiting the selected 40 pieces on December 5, 2021.

Already, some of his works have been bought in United States, United Kingdom and Nigeria. He also has a few of his works on NFT’s platform for digital arts like Opensea and VoiceHq. Adejuwon is the world youngest artist to have his works hosted on these platforms.

Speaking ahead of the exhibition, Kunle Adewale said, “Adejuwon will be having his first solo art exhibition at age two and we are excited to support him. Most importantly, certain percentage from the sales of his art works would go to support children in paediatric and oncology at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. That was the hospital where he was born and we are pleased that he will be giving back to put smiles on the faces of children and their parents, especially those on admission. “We want our children to grow up and support charitable causes with the resources that God has given to them. They don’t have to be superstars or wear a celebrity badge to do good for others. We want Adejuwon to grow up with this mindset of giving to others. It’s about leaving a good legacy that our children can emulate and continue”.

This is also a path to entrepreneurship because art pays and it pays big time. From all indication, Adejuwon is walking in the path of his father, Kunle Adewale, a Nigerian International humanitarian artist who has been working with children, youths, adults and older adults for the past decade. As a father, no doubt he’s influencing his son at an early age not just to embrace art but to use his art and give his heart to supporting the vulnerable population in the community.

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