October 16, 2021

Zoning unconstitutional, undemocratic – Norther elder


Igbo 2023 Presidency

By Haruna Aliyu, Birnin Kebbi

A northern elder, Alhaji Abubakar Udu Idris (mni), former head of service in Kebbi state, has said that zoning is unconstitutional and undemocratic.

According to him zoning is a gentleman agreement between party stalwarts as it has not been enshrined in the country’s law book “I have no objection to zoning and I am not oppose  to Sanusi lamido sanusi or Tunde Bakare but what  I am saying is that it has no basis, though if its a recipe for peace, unity and stability i have no problem with that, its not a bad idea if we try somebody from the south provided he is upright, dependable and he will be a president for all Nigerians he said.

The former civil service chief added that, he has never heard a northern opposing zoning it was the provocative statements from some southern academics, politicians and some elders from the region that forced northerners to  insist on retaining power beyond 2023,after all its being practiced in Tanzania and Malysia, so the north  cannot be forced into accepting zoning.

He explained that, in every tribe and region there are good and bad people, so what the country needs that is already at a crossroads is a firm and detribalized leader no matter where he comes from.

Idris who admitted that, there will be chaos if zoning is not respected jettisoned claim that activities or influence of NADECO then brought Obasanjo ” Obasanjo was brought by the military it was not the collective agreement by Nigerian politicians “he however pointed out that, he is opposed to the idea of domiciling a presidential seat to one region since the north is still under developed despite the power it has been having, so if zoning will strengthen our democracy through quality leadership from anywhere so be it he concluded.